ProTechReviewer 1000$ Internet Marketing Scholarship

Finding the best and latest product is hard with a plethora of choices and various categories, it can get complicated. Pro tech Reviewer simplifies it by reviewing it for the consumer’s ease. Example:

Pro tech Reviewer is aiming for the best, being the torch bearers in the field of Tech; it is a responsibility that we hold close. We aim to give our share of knowledge in the betterment of society by choosing what is best for the consumers and us.

In digital marketing, words have the power to make and break a product, and we realize the potential of written words. Along with that, we recognize creative writing skills relevance in offline domains.

Alas, not all the creative geniuses can expand their horizons in the field of content marketing due to inadequate guidance and exposure, which is a sad reality. However, Pro Tech Reviewer comes with a solution; we want to nurture the creative minds and see them blossom in the field of content marketing, in a goal-oriented fashion.

The minds that have the passion for exploring the field of ‘Content Marketing’ now have a great opportunity with Pro Tech ReviewerInternet Marketing Scholarship for Undergraduate or Postgraduate students. The students who are passionate and show remarkable skills will receive an award of $1000.

To receive this award, you need to be an enthusiast in the field; no kind of expertise is required. Students from multiple backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply so that they may explore and help them open doors to many opportunities too!

How To Apply

Students who want to avail of this amazing opportunity should send an application via email to As there are strict rules regarding the application, you must be careful when you are filling the form and make sure that you have provided the following details in the email.

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number, Mailing Address and any other mean of contact
  • Education Background consisting of detailed information on your studies during High School, graduation, and masters if applied.

Write a short autobiography that is comprehensive and provides the best information about you in 500-800 words. Please note that this information will not be a part of your evaluation, but it will be posted with your essay in case you win for them so that they can know more about you.

Please make sure that you include an essay of 2000-3000 words on “How you see the recent Tech startups changing global scenarios.” Personal stories and other.” stories are allowed in the article on account that you have the permission letter from the author that certifies that you can use the story for the content marketing scholarship.

Selection Criteria

The Editorial Board will analyze each essay at Pro Tech Reviewer, who will then select a winner that will be awarded in a ceremony help at the Pro Tech Reviewer regional office on December 21st, 2020.

Your essay and your biography will then be Pro Tech Reviewer, so they can publish it on any platform they want, or they can use it for promotional purposes if they require.

Please note that the Editorial Board has the right to cancel or reject any entries or applications without giving any specific reason.