Our Recommendations for Quietest Power Supplies


Corsair TX-M 550W

On the top of the list, we have the Corsair’s TX-m 500W. Priced only at 99.99$, the TX-M 550W is considered an all-round adequate choice for most of the builders. It has an excellent build quality, along with the exceptional gold efficiency, super tight voltages, and a semi-modular cable set. The gold efficiency and the semi-modular cable set of the TX-M 550W ensure easy installation, great energy efficiency thus having exceptional power-saving capabilities and low noise, causing no harm to your peaceful environment at all. The 550 wattage is ideal for the average consumer, including casual gamers. 

The TX-M 550W is a semi-modular PSU, which means that the basic 24-pin ATX and 4+4 pin CPU power cables are hardwired to the unit but the rest of the cables are detachable. All of the cables are flat and nicely painted black, which can be of great help in cable management and overall system aesthetics, provided if you choose to showcase the build through a glass panel. In which case, the chassis is also has a very minimal and simplistic design, painted satin black, with the brand logo and specification stickers to the top and side, which are also designed according to the whole get-go of minimalism. The TX-M 550W is a perfect choice for ATX-form factor builds due to its adequate size. Conventionally designed, the rear side comprises an AC receptacle and a small on/off switch. While, to the front, we discover the four connectors for the modular cables and the hardwired cables. There area total of four connectors, three for Molex/SATA cables and one for a CPU/PCIe cable. The original bundle only includes a 6+2 pin connector with the PCIe cable, but if the users require to power a 4+4 pin CPU cable, it can also be done just the same. 

The TX-M 550W comes packed with a powerful high-pressure fan, a 120 mm NR120L which sits perfectly as the largest possible size for an ATX-form chassis. The fan features a rifle bearing engine and can push up to the maximum speed of 1500 RPM. The TX-M 550W uses the typical circuit design to maintain stability, so no surprises there either. The 80Plus efficiency is powered by the use of highly efficient components, which conveys excellent performance of all sorts of users. The ventilation system and the heatsinks are quite adequate for the given design and perfectly okay for the given price tag.

Seasonic Focus+ 750W Gold

Moving up in the line of power, we have the Seasonic Focus+ 750W Gold. The Focus+ 750W is a fully modular, 80Plus Gold certified, power supply at a fairly decent mainstream price along with a wonderful 10 years warranty. The Focus+ 750W provides an excellent wattage in such a compact ATX design. The PSU and the cables are painted Satin black, along with the unique fan grill with a golden badge at its center and grey accents surrounding the fan and the embossed geometric designs on either side make up for a decent aesthetic design. The cables are flat which can make things a lot easier for cable management and showcase. The top and side are covered in minimalistic stickers of the brand logo and specification details. 

The rear side of the Focus+ 750W comprises of the typical AC receptacle and an on/off switch, along with the addition of a unique square locking switch. This switch can be used to enable the cooling fan’s hybrid control mode. which will only allow the fan to be used when the unit’s load requires, otherwise disabled, the fan will then be thermally controlled, and provide cooling accordingly without breaking to any stop. The front side provides us with the modular cables set. the PCI Express and CPU 12V also share the same connector, but it is impossible to mix them up as all of the cables have different connectors which are keyed as well.

The fan installed is the HA1225H12F-Z from Hong Hua, which is known for its high-quality Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB), a high life expectancy, and low-level noise. The maximum rotation speed of the fan can hit up to an all-powerful 2200 RPM if required by the thermally controlled configuration. The OEM is designed by the Seasonic themselves, so no worries there. The design is quite simplistic and confident, sometimes even worryingly so due to its super-efficient and high power use. 

BeQuiet! System Power 9 600W

Next up, we bring you the rock-solid performer, BeQuiet! System Power 9 600W. System Power 9 has proved itself to be highly reliable and power-efficient over time. Just as they promise and their name suggests, the quietness is unmatchable. All that and much more at an exceptionally low price, making it the best choice for a price-conscious builder looking for great performance and efficiency. With an upgrade from the previous PSUs in the series, System Power 9 uses solid caps for increased reliability and a GTD (gas discharge tube) replacing the MOVs providing over-voltage protection to ensure the safety of the components under all circumstances. The warranty on the System Power 9 is of only three years, which is quite short comparatively but okay for the given price tag.

The rear of the System Power 9 is as conventional as it gets with only a typical AC receptacle and an on/off switch, the exhaust grille, however, doesn’t cover the entire side. To the front side, the modular board only includes five sockets. Three of them are for peripheral cables, while the remaining two are for PCIe cables featuring two connectors each. All of the native cables are fully sleeved, which more than a budget PSU can offer. The overall design is also quite aesthetic for the needs of the showcase, painted fully black with a decently grilled fan and minimal stickers and embossed logo to the side makes it quite attractive. Only the necessary cables are fixed and they’re sleeved, while the modular cables are flat, the stealth design and color of the cables can lead to an excellent blend-in sort of cable management and add to giving an appealing showcase if a glass panel is located. 

In addition to powerful 3.3 V and 5V rails, which are quite stable with the help of the advanced DC-to-DC conversion technology, it is the two 12 V rails rated at 28 and 22 A which are truly impressive due to their output maximum abilities. Multi-core CPUs, dual GPUs, or RAID setups will all be powered flawlessly – perfect for all range of builders.

Silverstone Nightjar SST-NJ450-SXL 450W Platinum

Coming up next is the Silverstone Nightjar SST-NJ450-SXL 450W Platinum. With its unusually long name, the SST-NJ450-SXL has a surprisingly different way of doing things, and that includes the passive cooling, yes, it is entirely passively cooled. SST-NJ450-SXL is a fully modular power supply with all detachable cables, including the 24-pin ATX cable. The provided cables are flat and short, fair enough for an SFX-form factor. The uniquely elongated chassis is essentially a large heatsink with no air vents at all. Due to their unique shape, they have very specific SFX-L form factor, making it unable to fit it in a tightly regular space of an SFX PSU, the size is also comparatively heavy. 

The rear side of the SST-NJ450-SXL features a conventional AC receptacle and an on/off switch, but there is no exhaust grille due to the unique ventilation system of heatsinks all around, instead, the specification sticker has been moved to the rear side in order to avoid obstruction on the heatsinks up top. On the front, we find the modular cables, all of them are cable except for the PCI-E device connectors which are blue. The direction of each connector is indicated on a sticker right below it. However, the SST-NJ450-SXL offers connectors for dual-GPU but with the given power it would not be advisable to do so.

 The OEM used by the SST-NJ450-SXL is by Enhance Electronics. Enhance is not particularly popular amongst enthusiasts because their top-tier designs are often outperformed in both capability and budget by other OEMs but they do offer exceptionally high quality and reliability. With the unique design, the SST-NJ450-SXL does offer ultra-quietness and excellent performance but it is not something for the beginner level builders to be playing around with.

Corsair RMi 850W

Moving on to the fairly equipped and highly powered Corsair RMi 850W. The Corsair RMi 850W is moderately priced, and features, just like many of their other PSUs, a tight voltage control, virtually quiet operation, and a fully modular cable set. Corsair RMi 850W is a great choice for high-end gaming builds that demand decent voltage and energy, along with adequate reliability. On the plus side, Corsair’s iCUE technology makes things a lot easier by managing rail modes, fan speed, and monitoring performance of the PSU directly from your desktop. 

Corsair RMi 850W is designed quite aesthetically, the rear side is covered fully by exhaust grille, except for the little space where the AC receptacle and the on/off switch are located side-by-side. The front side is quite busy with space for connectors, the writing indicates the right port for each. The new Corsair link functionality requires two connectors - a mini USB and a 4pin. The 4pin is used to interface it with a Link Commander, and the mini USB to jack it into the motherboard if the link commander is not available. The cables are mostly flat with traditional sleeving on a few.  

Design-wise, it is quite appealing but simple, the top is plain black steel with a specification table on the rear side. There are brand logo stickers on either side of the unit, no other color has been brought in except for the black and white. The bottom side, where the fan looks out, is nicely grilled, with parallel stripes leading from the grill towards the cover and all the way to the edges. The zero RPM fan mode allows for high-energy efficiency by turning the fan off at low to medium loads for virtually silent operation. A removable sticker hangs over the AC receptacle warning about the fanless mode. The configurable rail modes is another plus feature, which allows toggling between multi-rail and single-rail operation.

Bitfenix BF450G

Another nice addition to our list is the Bitfenix BF450G, one of the best choices for budget builders with high-end performance, adequate efficiency, and quiet operation. Bitfenix BF450G not only holds energy efficiency certifications like 80 PLUS Gold and ETA-A but also LAMBDA-A++ badge Cybernetics which approves the super quiet operation of this power supply. The Bitfenix BF450G is impressively compact, it can almost fit into any given space, which compensates for the fixed non-modular cables that come with it. Three +12V rails facilitate up to 450W of combined power output. The minor rails are completely sufficient with also a little help from the DC-to-DC conversion technology, while the 5VSB rail is supposed to deliver 2.5A, it delivers quite more than that.

The rear side of the Bitfenix BF450G is semi-covered with an exhaust grille, including an AC receptacle and an on/off switch to the corner of one side. There is a typical cable outing to the front. The design is minimalistic as well as compact, it has a brand logo sticker to one side and plain black steel to another. The fan grille is almost square-shaped with a logo sticker in the middle of it. The fan itself is manufactured by Martech, which states that the 120mm FDB DF1202512SEMN fan utilizes a rifle bearing. The quality badges cover the reliability of the fan and its performance. 

With 5 years warranty, the Bitfenix BF450G offers industrial level protection is tested and approved, along with LLC Resonant Topology to minimize the power losses and maximize efficiency during voltage conversion. The high-quality 100% industrial Japanese capacitors along with a custom 2oz pure copper and double layer PCB paired with high-quality components, rates the Formula gold Series at a Power Factor of 0.99 with an efficiency of up to 90+ at a 40% to 60% load.

Corsair RM550x

Another one of our favorite Corsair PSU is the Corsair RM550x. Once again with high-quality components that allow for tight voltage regulation, low-noise operation, and the energy-efficient unit, Corsair brings another exceptionally powered PSU at a moderate price. The Corsair RM550x’s conventional corsair designs exhibit class and aesthetics for the enthusiasts. The compact size and fully modular cables of the Corsair RM550x complement its overall features. A popular feature of the RMx series is the low-noise fan operation, which is achieved by the specifically designed fan curves and the Zero RPM mode which restricts the fan from operating at low and medium load processing, to completely eliminate fan noise.

The fully modular cables of the Corsair RM550x allows for clean and tidy management and can easily blend in with black chassis. The compact conventional design of the latest corsair power supplies is also displayed here, with a complete exhaust grille to the back along with necessary AC receptacle and the on/off switch, Either sides of the PSU are covered with an elongated brand logo and model number decals. The front is laced with seven sockets. The bottom side is where the fan locks out, the 135mm rifle bearing fan which is colored in a greyish-white, is covered by a parallel grille, with grille-like lines leading from the fan to almost near of both sides.

Corsair RM550x only uses the Japanese electrolytic and polymer capacitors in the RMx models, guaranteeing the high reliability over time. The minor rails are capable enough for a 550W PSU and the single +12V rail can deliver almost 46A, so it will easily support most high-end GPUs. The 5VSB rail is more powerful comparatively, offering 3A of maximum current output. The length of the cables is quite satisfactory, and the distance between most connectors is enough to avoid compatibility problems, except for the peripheral four-pin Molex connectors. 

Seasonic SSR-600TL

Coming up next is another powerful PSU by the Seasonic, the SSR-600TL. It is the second PSU on our list that features no fan at all, designed with an all-around honeycomb grille, the SSR-600TL is fanless. Eliminating fan noise from the equation, the Seasonic SSR-600TL makes no noise at all and operates super silently. The cooling is ensured by it’s all around honeycomb grille. The SSR-600TL has also the highest power output in the fanless power supply market. The neat circuit innovative design ensures thermal control and stable power output. With 80 PLUS Titanium certification and ETA-A+ in the Cybenetics program, the Seasonic SSR-600TL is also exceptionally efficient with its 94 % efficiency at 50 % system load.

Along with the open ventilation design, the cooling on the PSU is also achieved by a passive cooling radiator. The rear offers the typical AC receptacle and an on/off switch on a little space amidst the expansive grilling. The font has also grilling on the top, while the bottom half is covered with two lines of sockets, as the PSU features a fully modular cable set, making it much easier for management and the unobstructed grille design. There is a good number of peripheral connectors with a nice addition of two EPS connectors and four PCIe ones. The minor rails aren’t particularly strong, offering up to 100W of merged power. Luckily, modern systems only utilize the 5V and 3.3V rails lightly. but on the other hand, the +12V rail is plenty capable with a 50A maximum current output rating. Seasonic’s 5VSB rail has a somewhat standard capacity. The power distribution is unified with a single +12V rail, so no issues there, either.

With the brand-new Micro Tolerance Load Regulation, Seasonic SSR-600TL keeps the output voltage ina very tight range, achieving under 0.5 % load regulation, which delivers exceptional electrical performance and stability. For high-end gaming performance, the Seasonic SSR-600TL is one of the best passive cooling power supplies out there, the only small push-back is the price tag.  

Corsair AX850

Yet another addition from the Corsair proves that Corsair is probably one of the best manufacturers of PSUs in the market right now. The Corsair AX850, just like the other Corsair PSUs mentioned here, is a fully modular and power-efficient power supply with ultra-quiet operations and high voltage for the most enthusiastic of the gamers. The Corsair AX850 gives a world-class electrical performance, with superior voltage regulation and insignificant ripple/noise ensures the tremendous quality and most consistent power for your build, exhibiting true stability and power to unlock the PC’s overclocking abilities. The Seasonic Prime Titanium platform design of the Corsair AX850 is one of the best analog designs out there. The Corsair AX850 is considered dead-silent due to its ultra-low noise potential. 

With 80 PLUS Platinum and ETA-A+ efficiency certifications, it is proved that the AX850 is highly efficient and the LAMBDA-A+ noise certification clearly represents its low-noise operation, even under difficult circumstances. The credible design ensures performance with the use of quality parts including Infineon FETs, Vishay bridge rectifiers, Chemi-Con electrolytic caps, and a large number of polymer caps, provided by FPCAP. The LCC resonance topology and the DC-to-DC conversion technology on the minor rails ensures high productivity. 

The external design of the AX850 is different from the conventional corsair PSUs. The 135mm cooling fan is covered by different embossed grilling, the fan is particularly complimented for its powerful airflow, low-noise operation, and the true Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) which guarantees reliability. The side brand logo and model number labels are magnetic and can be customized if one prefers a different color scheme. There are two EPS and eight PCIe connectors, along with 16x SATA and six 4-pin Molex, which is a fairly adequate number for an 850W PSU. The AX850 in our choice is one of the best performers with a great price value.

Corsair AX1000

Last but not least is the all-powerful, Corsair AX1000. This is one of the most popular power supply by the Corsair. It offers premium high quality, performance, and efficiency at a moderately high price tag. It has the highest wattage power in our guide, and it is considered among the best 1kW PSUs that the market can offer. The AX series offers great power at a great price for gaming enthusiasts who cannot forgo the overclocking potential of their hardware due to low power. considering what it offers, the price tag is quite agreeable, because it does not only provide great performance but also pushing it further with overclocking capabilities and its true compatibility with power-demanding hardware making it future proof and spacious for bigger upgrades. The Corsair AX1000 also follows an analog design and is highly capable compared to the digital ones.

The Corsair AX1000 follows a conventional shape design, with extra features popping here and there. The fully modular cable set is quite lengthy and perfect for any sort of build space. The number of SATA connectors is amazingly noble, and it is nice to get so many four-pin Molex connectors as well. There’s even a bundled Berg adapter for enthusiasts who still require an FDD connector. With its high-quality components built by companies like Vishay, Infineon, and Nexperia, the Corsair AX1000 offers a world-class electrical performance as claimed by the manufacturers. The high-end Japanese electrolytic capacitors, along with a few polymer capacitors from FPCAP and Chemi-Con exhibit consistent power and long-term reliability. The cooling is ensured by the supreme fluid dynamic bearing-based 135mm cooling fan by Hong Hua HA13525M12F-Z, which provides exceptional airflow at 1800 RPM, along with low-noise operation and long life. The noise is further reduced to none by the zero RPM fan mode which restricts the fan from spinning in low and medium load. With a single power rail +12V. there is nothing more to say about the power division.

Elaborating the design, to the rear side of the PSU is covered in exhaust grille, along with space for the conventional AC receptacle and an on/off switch, along with an addition of zero fan RPM switch. The side decals which display the brand logo and model number are magnetic and can be replaced for another with a different color scheme, including red, white, and blue. The front is side is quite busy with lines of sockets for the connectors. The top has for embossed parallel lines to each side with a corsair logo in the middle. The Corsair AX1000 is one of the Best High-End choices out there, however, the expensive, it is heavily featured and the cherry topping is the 10-year warranty that comes with it.

Summary for Quietest Power Supplies