Our Recommendations for Best 650w PSU

Best 650w PSU 

Corsair CXM 650W

Corsair is widely used and trusted by the tech community out there. This brand has been very consistent in the past years with the quality of its products. It has always improved features and performance. Second, on the list is the CXM 650W by Corsair. It is from the CX series which will amaze you with the specifications of its models. Especially the 650W CXM which comes with a 4th Generation Intel Core processor.

Many consumers out there think that they do not need an 80 plus certified PSU. That is incorrect. To have an 80 plus certification in any category should be the bare minimum for you to look for. Having at least 80% efficiency is the lowest you should be going for. Efficiency below this is not worth it. The CXM 650W holds the 80 Plus Bronze rating. It will deliver an efficiency of 80% to 85% at loads of 20%, 50%, and 100%.

This reduces the overall cost of the product and makes it a great “value for money” option. With efficiency as high as 80%, only a small amount of 20% is dissipated as heat. This means that there are very low chances of the system to get heated up due to excess heat. That is amazing. With this one, you get the flexibility of modular cabling and it is very under-rated freedom, to be honest. The modular cabling involves a reduced number of cables to make the system hassle-free for you. Now you only must bear the cables you need, nothing extra.

Also, modular cabling improves airflow across the system. This reminds me of the thermally controlled fan that is a characteristic feature of the CXM 650W PSU. I appreciate the efforts involved in the manufacture of this fan. It performs the entire duty/ Once you have installed this Power System Unit, you will not go around checking it every day. That is where comes the part of this extra-ordinary fan. With its large diameter of almost 4.7 inches, it ensures that you have a peaceful environment. This fan operates at very low noise levels because of its large size. Even when you are having the maximum out of your PC, you will feel like the fan does not exist. With its 120 mm thickness, you will not hear it working. Last, but not the least, CXM 650W offers you incredible 100,000 MTBF hours. I hope this proves to be the deciding factor for you.

The Good

  • Amazing built
  • Neat cable system with no hassle
  • Easy installation

The Bad

  • May face voltage issues at SATA port

Corsair TX650M Gold

Another proud production of Corsair is the TX650M Gold. This product is bound to impress you with its stellar performance and amazing features. It is a good option on the list of the best 650W PSU along with the others that I will share further. First, Corsair deserves all the applause for manufacturing PSUs that exhibit highly professional design. The ones which are compliant with most of the consumer requirements, that too with stylish looks.

I know that nobody gets to see the looks of a PSU but having PC accessories with all those tech feels is every gamer’s dream. The TX650M comes in matte black color and the design is smart. What makes this Corsair product stand out is the 80 Plus Gold rating. This offers a sky-high efficiency of 87% to 90% at loads as low as 20% and as high as 100%. The maximum efficiency is shown at 50% load.The 80 Plus Gold rating is responsible for the negligibly small amount of heat which is almost 13% to 10%. So, your system is safe from the harms of heating up.

The semi-modular cable system, like the one I have discussed above accounts for aa better airflow. It provides you the freedom of using the cables you desire to make the system look cleaner and more organized. The TX650M features the Rifle Bearing fan which is 120mm in thickness yet performs its function exceptionally well. Corsair has introduced a variety of fan bearings in its products and Rifle Bearing Fan is one of the amazing options.This bearing provides a greater life to the fan and in turn, longevity to the cooling system.

Due to such an amazing technical skeleton, the TX650M can work efficiently at a temperature as high as 50°C. The Power System Unit also features Japanese capacitors. This ensures that the load receives a filtered DC instead of the pulsating DC voltage. Also, these capacitors are rated at 105°C. This makes them work efficiently even at very high temperatures without burning. Also, the installation is quite easy and hassle-free due to the marked connectors on the device. Another notable feature is that the TX650M is very light in weight as compared to the previous Corsair product. Such accessories add up to the weight of the PC and make it less portable eventually but not with the Corsair TX650M.

The Good

  • Operates professionally even at high temperature
  • Includes high-quality capacitors
  • Marked connectors
  • Longer reliability

The Bad

  • A bit higher noise level

Bitfenix Whisper M

Another competitor is the markets o the 650W Power Supply Units is Bitfenix. Over a very short period, this brand has made its mark on the market. The Whisper M model is named so because of its very silent operation. Let us have a more detailed look at the amazing features this product has to offer. Along with its stunning design, it has an 80 Plus Gold rating. This is the best part of Whisper M for me. Efficiency is a very crucial factor, and everyone wants a high-efficiency PSU.

This one, with its Gold certification, is said to provide an efficiency of 92%. That is a big claim! But there is more to it. The Whisper M comes with all the connectivity options one could have asked for. It offers one 20+4 pin connector, two 4+4 pin CPU connectors. Along with this, you get six 6+2 Pin VGA connectors, four Molex connectors, and a total of 12 SATA connectors. It bears a high-quality fan which is responsible for the low noise produced by this system. It operates at sound levels lower than 18 dBA.

This fan is 140 mm in thickness which improves the airflow across the system. This fan has Fluid Dynamic Bearings which increase the life span of the PSU. It also provides improved lubrication to the fan, so it works quietly. Also, you do not have to worry about fluctuating voltages The fan of Whisper M starts working even at 3.5 volts. The heat levels produced are very low already and the amazing performance of this fan is the cherry on top. It works perfectly fine for the 8 to 10% heat produced.

Another spectacular feature of Whisper M is that it is fully modular. The fully modular connectors are a burden on the pocket but Bitfenix provides them in the budget to you in this model. There are no pre-attached cables, so you have the liberty to attach them according to your need. This device offers MTBF hours of more than 100,000 hours which is a big plus point over the Corsair PSUs. The installation process is very easy as the cables are easy to handle. It includes the full user guide, so you do not have to worry about a lot. And if you like flaunting your hardware with a window case, this one is for you.

The Good

  • Supports PCIe connectors
  • Quiet operation
  • Amazing power output

The Bad

  • Restricted routing options

Seasonic Prime Ultra 650W Titanium

Fifth on the list is another breathtaking option which is from Seasonic. It is their Prime Ultra 650W Titanium. The overall design is very stunning and apparently, this PSU looks very promising. You will be amazed by the performance of this model. Speaking of features, the first we have in line is its 80 Plus Titanium rating. Titanium rating provides maximum efficiency at a 50% load that is 94%. At other loads such as 20% or even 100% load, you get no less than 92% efficiency.

That is amazing. Imagine experiencing an efficiency above 90% that too when the PSU is at 100% load. Sounds like a great offer. Over the past few years, Seasonic has earned good fame. That is because of its commitment to excellence and the continuous urge to improve the quality of their products. The Seasonic Prime Ultra 650W Titanium is the proof of it. It expels heat as low as 8 to 6%. This is due to its high efficiency and partially due to its Hybrid Fan. The Prime Ultra features a Premium Hybrid Fan Control.

This feature is exclusive to Prime Ultra. It enables the consumer to adjust the fan volume as per their wish. the fan is working maximum at cooling mode and at this mode its noise level is 20 dBA. The cable system is fully modular so that you get the liberty to personalize. This feature reduces the clutter of wires and cables around you which makes you appear as a messy gamer. See, I know you are not because all those cables are necessary, and you cannot get rid of them. You can. If you go for the Seasonic Ultra Prime, you will get a fully modular cable system.

So that you can only connect those cables which are required. The reduced clutter also improves the airflow across the system. The importance of airflow cannot be emphasized enough. Many people do not give it due credit. That is why their systems collapse due to excessive heating. So, one should always keep a check on the airflow. Seasonic is kind enough to consider all these facts. With all these features, Ultra Prime series includes 180° SATA connectors to ensure flexibility in your system. Another achievement of Seasonic is the regulation of a very tight output voltage in this model.

The Good

  • Includes tester for power supply
  • Comes with ample 12-year warranty
  • FDB fans reduce power consumption

The Bad

  • PCIe cable design not compatible with everyone

BeQuiet! Dark Power Pro 11 650W

As the name suggests, this brand has gone extra miles to provide you with a peaceful experience. BeQuiet is one of the few brands that have mastered the art of producing noise-free products. Although, all the products on this list are very low on noise BeQuiet has its place. So that you work in a quiet and peaceful environment. The most prominent feature of the BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 11 is the overclocking key. It helps you to switch between several operations with one click. The offered overclocking options are four-rail and single-rail.

These rails are 12 V each. BeQuiet claims of introducing a virtually inaudible fan in the Power Pro 11. This is the Silent Wings 3 fan. It has 135 mm thickness and has Fluid Dynamic Bearings. Its funnel-shaped opening has improved the overall cooling process. This type of bearing is known for its improved lubrication and producing very little noise. It would be right to say that BeQuiet has done a lot just to lower the noise production. It does not mean that it has ignored other features.

You get everything you desire in the BeQuiet Dark Power Pro especially the connectivity options. Apart from the 12V rails, you can connect a maximum of four case fans with this PSU. Besides, there are five PCIe connectors to support Graphic cards, etc. The cable system is semi-modular which gives you great convenience and freedom of choice among cables. It also reduces the clutter as it offers you to choose what cables you want to plugin. It is time to get rid of those cables and wires which always seemed like an uninvited guest.

This model shows a very reasonable airflow to keep your system clean off the excess heat. The Dark Power Pro 11 holds the 80 Plus Platinum Certification which makes it effective to almost 94%. Even at maximum load, the efficiency is no lower than 92%. Higher efficiencies account for lower heat dissipation rates which are the case with Dark Power Pro 11 as well. Speaking of its design, I like its black color. It may not look attractive as the other options on the list. The number of skills invested in its engineering is not justified by its looks. So, if you are judging it with its box-like design, I recommend having a look at the features once again!

The Good

  • The fan ensures less turbulence
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Easy to use
  • Sufficient cables for GTX and SATA

The Bad

  • The fan does not shut down
  • Old-fashioned design

Corsair RMx 650W

Corsair is back on the list with another wonderful option. It is from the RMx series launched by Corsair. This series is an upgraded version of the RM series. This series has launched PSUs that can work efficiently even at temperatures as higher as 50°C. The product under discussion is the 650W version of RMx 2018. This model displays the legacy of excellence that is exclusive to Corsair. What makes it a tough competition for others on the list. is its cable system for me. It has a fully modular cable system.

Since most of the products on the list have a semi-modular cable system, the RMx 650W stands out of the crowd. This cable system promises an even better airflow across the system. The flexibility and cable seating options have also advanced in this model. You have more liberty than the semi-modular system when it comes to cables. And if you completely want to personalize the choice of cables, go for Corsair. They have a standard of providing you the best cable systems whereas many other leading brands still consider it a luxury.

So, they only provide fully modular cable systems in their high-end products. This cable system has a significant impact on the temperature of the system. It is kept as low as possible to avoid heating up. since a very low number of wires are plugged in, installation and replacement are very easy. The RMx 650W holds the 80 Plus Gold Certification. It delivers an efficiency of 89% at maximum (100%) load. At other loads, the efficiency is 90%. That is where this product lags slightly from others on the list offering higher efficiency at maximum load.

I appreciate the engineering of the fan for this model. Its design is curved to reduce the noise when the fan is working at its maximum. At low or no load, the fan switches to its Zero RPM Mode. In this mode, the fan shuts down its function as the system is already sufficiently cooled. It restarts its functioning once the temperature rises. This PSU is compatible with ATX 12V v2.4 and EPS 2.92 standards. You must be thinking that a product which has so much to offer must be expensive. But this is not the case with Corsair. They provide the best at a very affordable price.

The Good

  • Compact design
  • Easy installation and replacement
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight

The Bad

  • No spare CPU 4pin power cable
  • Poorly assembled cables

Corsair SF600 Platinum

You can imagine how promising the brand Corsair is as it has made to this list four times. all credit goes to the amount of effort they put in each product and their considerate attitude towards the needs of the customers. The SF600 Platinum, as the name suggests, has the 80 Plus Platinum rating which makes it deliver an efficiency of a whopping 91%.

It has a very compact design and is equipped with the SFX Factor. So, it fits in easily for various PC sizes. It is a value-for-money option as it has a lot more to offer. 650 watts might not seem a big offer to many people out there since higher variants are also available in the market. But it is an optimum amount and Corsair has efficiently managed to offer it along with Platinum rating at a very reasonable price.

Its design is the lightest of all options which are a plus point for Corsair. Its fan is the smallest in size on the list which accounts for its efficient functioning. It is 92 mm in size with Rifle bearings. It has a channel to pump the fluid stored in the reservoir to provide lubrication. This reduces operational noise and power consumption. Also, the SF600 Platinum is equipped with the semi-passive operation because of which the fan only works at very higher loads.

This saves you from the excessive noise of an operational fan. Although the noise levels are already very low (almost 20-25 dBA) but still that’s very kind of Corsair. It is protected from the harms of fluctuations in voltage and current. Also, you do not have to worry about short circuits. There are 4 SATA connectors, 2 8-pin PCIe connectors, and 3 4-pin Molex connectors in the SF600 Platinum. Also, you get 1 8-pin EPS connector, one 20+4 pin ATX connector, and an AC Power cord. The cable system is fully modular. I think if you should give SF600 Platinum a chance, you will not regret it.

The Good

  • Amazing performance
  • Excellent power supply
  • Portable
  • Silent operation

The Bad

  • Difficulty in disabling the semi-passive mode


We have Seasonic once again on our list of the best 650W PSU. This time it is the Seasonic Focus Plus which has been stealing all the limelight at the tech market since its launch. All this hype is because of the design of this model. Seasonic has launched the cable-free design in its SSR Focus Plus which has been the talk of the town lately. Let us be honest, every one of us is fed up with the hassle that comes with the installation of cables in a PSU.

Seasonic has perfectly catered to this need. The cable-free design uses copper plates to connect the panel and the circuit board. Another amazing achievement is the dual fan mode. You are just a switch away from choosing between the S2FC and the S3FC. The S2FC is the option when you do not want the fanless mode. It is a bit noisy. The S3FC comes with the fanless mode and operates at very low noise levels. This mode is functional until the load is below 30%. The button that switches between the two modes is located next to the power button.

The fan is a 120 mm fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) fan. This bearing not only CONSUMES LESS power than the others but also makes the operation more efficient and less noisy. It provides sufficient lubrication. You can operate the fans at fanless, silent, and cooling modes. This is due to the hybrid fan control. Although this PSU operates at standard 110V, the voltage is tightly regulated across the device to prevent any short-circuits. Seasonic has provided a fully modular cable system in the SSR Focus Plus.

It is the reason behind the high-quality ventilation across the system. Also, the system appears more organized and hassle-free to calm down your nerves. The 80 Plus Gold certification accounts are for the 89 to 90% efficiency at various loads. In the presence of an amazing cooling system, the already low levels of heat production make this option value for money. It is a very quiet operation that has won the hearts of the consumers. Besides, its small size makes it fit easily and you already know that the installation is already not an issue since the design is very minimal.

The Good

  • Enhanced power output
  • Offers three fan control modes
  • Offers multiple GPU setup options
  • Reasonable size

The Bad

  • Difficult cable management between CPU and PCIe cables


Another brand on the list is the EVGA. It is also a promising brand. With its consistently improving product quality, it has secured a reputable position in the tech market. If you have not already given a chance to this brand, then go for it. An exclusive and unique feature about the supernova P2 is the Eco-friendly feature. With this feature, the fan only starts functioning when the internal temperature reaches 45°C. You do not have to worry about heating up as this temperature is harmless because it is immediately lowered by the fans.

Many people are very conscious of the heat being emitted. That is because they are very considerate towards Mother Earth. If you want to contribute to the environment, this is the least you can do. By going for Eco-friendlier options, you save a lot of energy. It has the standard ATX form factor, so it is compatible with ATX, mATX, EATX, HPTX, XLATX, etc. It comes with a single 12V rail. Otherwise, split rails are more beneficial as seen in the other competing PSUs. It comes with the 80 Plus Platinum rating which offers the highest efficiency.

At the maximum load of 100%, the efficiency is as high as 92%. However, the highest efficiency is observed at 50% load which is 94%. Due to higher efficiency, the heat produced is very low which causes less strain on the cooling system and the PC. The choice of provided connectors is very generous. You get 9 SATA connectors, 1 24-pin ATX connector, 2 8-pin CPU connectors, and 6 peripheral four-pin connectors. The PCIe connectors are such that there are 2 8-pin connectors and 2 6-pin connectors. Also, there is one floppy connector. It operates at temperatures as high as 50°C.

the incredibly engineered fan is responsible for dealing with high temperatures. Its size is 140 mm and it has double ball bearings which are exclusive to EVGA. A double ball bearing is a very high-quality modification in the fan which greatly reduces the friction to minimize the power usage of the fan. You get a fully modular cable system that comes with its benefits. EVGA claims 100,000 MTBF hours for the Supernova P2. It has employed 100% original Japanese capacitors in the manufacture of this product. These capacitors prevent the early collapse of the system and have a larger lifespan than ordinary capacitors. EVGA also offers protection against hazards such as over-voltage, under-voltage, over current and short circuits.

The Good

  • Includes a Power On self-tester
  • High efficiency
  • Fully braided cables

The Bad

  • Single rail prevents efficient dust management

Riotoro Enigma G2

Riotoro is a name of trust for buying hardware and computer accessories. This might have flashed across your mind before coming down to the list. This is because Riotoro is equally popular among customers and retailers. The unit comes in very secure packaging. The package includes several accessories such as screws, zip ties, and cable straps. I appreciate the fact that this product is a tension-free investment. You do not have to worry about high or low voltage, high or low current, and short-circuits because Riotoro has sorted it already.

The Enigma G2 comes with protection from such hazards so your PSU and entire system have a long average life. Let us be honest, short-circuits have been the most common of hazards since the beginning. Imagine having a PSU which is immune to short-circuits. That is the best feature for me. I am pretty sure that Enigma G2 has made its place on your wish list but there is still more to it. With this one in your hands, you do not have to worry about the cooling of the CPU. It bears fans with three cooling modes.

The operation of these fans is very silent. They deliver amazing performance by efficiently reducing the heat. You can also change the cooling modes when the temperature has lowered to a desirable range. The fan’s length is 120 mm. As I have already mentioned that the fan is very low on noise. Let me add to this. With an average load, while you are performing routine tasks, you will not hear the fan working. It becomes muted when it has little work to do. That too without any compromise on cooling quality. Enigma G2 improves the airflow across your system. With capacitors imported from Japan, there is no way this unit shows a technical fault.

These capacitors are high in quality and show amazing performance. If this feature seems minor to you then you are under-estimating the power of a capacitor in a PSU. Let me explain. Power Supply Units with low-quality capacitors rupture over time due to excessive heating and this leads to the failure of the entire system. How trivial is a capacitor and how long-lasting are the damages if you do not choose the right one. Also, it is fully modular so you can only attach the cables you require. Now you do not have to forcefully keep the ones that are of no use to you. It will reduce the mess of cables and your system will look neat, organized, and hassle-free all the time.

The Good

  • Low noise fan operation
  • Includes the entire technical assistance
  • Portable

The Bad

  • The short length of some cables