Our Recommendations for Best Airflow PC Cases 2021

PC Cases 

Thermaltake Core X31 RGB Edition

You can’t judge whether a PC case is good or not just by seeing a picture of it. There are so many airflow PC cases out there that look very appealing, but once you buy them, they start to show signs of a bad choice. It is very difficult to find a PC case that offers you the best of everything. Just because the hardware industry can sometimes be a cruel place, but that doesn’t mean that you give up. Here’s an amazing surprise for you, the Thermaltake Core X31 RGB Edition.

Without any confusion or regrets, we can title this product as one of the best airflow PC cases ever invented in the last couple of years. Let’s talk basics here; Thermaltake invented the Core X series last year in January, and later, the Core X71 really blew up the hardware industry. However, let’s face it; not everyone likes to have a large PC case. Most of us just want a Mid-tower pc case that offers ample space, ideal cooling features, and looks great. Luckily, the Thermaltake X31 case is here for you.The best part about this PC case is that it has the capability to handle large graphics cards.

Other than that, if you are not satisfied with the place of the internal components, you can remove them easily. Furthermore, Thermaltake X31 has several options for fans, radiators, and HDs. Even if you don’t understand how the Pc case works, you can take a look at its manual. By checking out the manual, you will be able to figure out what you need and what you don’t. Other than that, it has an amazing warranty policy. In addition to this, the packaging comes with all the accessories and screws needed to install the casing.


This is one of the best airflow PC cases when you want quality and features. It protects your operating system from a lot of problems, such as overheating, dust or dirt gathering, and maintenance problems. It basically maintains itself due to the dust filters it has.

The Good

  • Best price
  • Feature-filled
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Excellent warranty
  • Modern design
  • Better than other Thermaltake models
  • Has the tendency to support large graphics cards
  • You can add or remove components whenever you want

The Bad

  • It is not spacious enough

Corsair Obsidian Series 750D

Corsair introduced the Obsidian Series 750D airflow edition quite some time ago. This model is featured with a front gill, excessive airflow that offers amazing cooling. The Corsair Obsidian Series 750D is perfect for those PCs that are frequently used and require a lot of cooling. In addition to this, the 750D airflow edition is equipped with a stunning black monolithic structure, a strong steel construction, amazing flexibility, and brushed aluminum. Let’s talk about the interior of the 750D series.

It is featured with a beautiful frame that has enough room for high-performance hardware parts, as well as sufficient cooling for those users who want to take overheating to a whole new level. There is a sense of increased ventilation in this new model. It has more performance and cooling options than in any other airflow PC case. Furthermore, it is equipped with 3 AF140L fans to make sure that the components receive proper cooling. The basic purpose of this amazing casing is to ensure that the PC builders receive simple and fast features like a tool-free installation process.

There is much space on the motherboard, which makes it ideal for accommodating large sizes. Here’s another amazing fact about this product; it is easy to build. It has removable and attachable parts that only require a few screws. When it comes to buying the Corsair Obsidian Series 750D, you can buy it from any retailer you want. These days, everyone likes to purchase things online. So, you can even find the series 750D from an online retailer, as well. You can prefer to shop online at Amazon and enlighten yourself with some of its best deals and offers.


It is a large and fantastic looking PC case. It is feature-filled and makes sure that the user has a wonderful experience while performing any kind of activities. Without a doubt, it is a modern solution for all technical overheating problems.Which is why it is one of the Best Airflow PC Cases 2021

The Good

  • Great construction
  • Amazing water-cooling features
  • The motherboard tray offers enough space
  • Best cable-routing and hiding
  • Solid build
  • Can handle any kind of power supply size
  • Clear front intakes

The Bad

  • Instead of spaces, there are bumps
  • Cannot be used with a long radiator
  • The bottom fan mounts are unfiltered
  • No quick release panels
  • Not a lot of accessory standoffs

SilverStone Technology RL05BR-W

These days, all cases are utilizing modern technologies in each production. Right now, the most-in technology that is becoming the choice of everyone these days is the Type-C port from both USB 3.1 and USB 3.0 interfaces. Both of these offer excessive speed of data transfer, and that makes it ideal for those users who move large amounts of data one from device to another. With that being said, SilverStone always uses the latest technologies and install them to their latest innovations, one of which is going to be reviewed in this section. For those of you who are in search of a top-notch PC case with high-end features, this product is the best one for you.

It is nothing like you have ever seen before, and it is nothing that you will ever see under a reasonable price until now. With its Type-C technology, it has everyone under its spell. The SilverStone Redline 05BR-W is perfect for the value-conscious users. It is indeed the best choice for all those gamers who demand an extra kick in content and quality. The basic purpose of creating the Redline series 05BR-W was to increase user experience and provide hope that there is still an affordable PC case available with high-end features. This PC chassis has a funky style, and its features are so versatile that you won’t be able to say no to it.

The 05BR-W is equipped with two LED fans to inject a huge amount of airflow from SilverStone’s signature pressure point setup that offers stunning cooling, with dust filters as well. The drive bay and PSU areas have protective covers that identify the sections and the components in each area. Moreover, it is best for gaming, and it will definitely provide you some kicks. Other than that, you can purchase it from wherever you want, either online or offline.


If you are looking for an airflow PC case with numerous features and a comfortable price range, then the Silverstone 05BR-W is the best one for you. It is equipped with quick access filters that promote easy cleaning. It can even support large capacity graphics cards. Other than that, it has a very stylish internal appearance.

The Good

  • Fascinating design
  • Dust filters
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Feature-filled
  • Affordable with high-end features

The Bad

  • It is not the best PC case for activities other than gaming

Fractal Design Meshify C TG

Fractal Design has built its reputation by providing high-quality, average priced cases, and when it produced feature-filled models with less weight, the whole industry became shocked. The Meshify C TG is equipped with the most prominent Fractal design features, including the asphalt sound damping and the anodized aluminum panel inlays. Both of these features make it the best pc case for airflow. It is known as the best case for Air Cooling. What could the Meshify C TG provide for performance? With the steel hearted front panel included in a lot of previous models provides internal component noise prevention into the case.

However, the front panel is not smooth, yet it is angled in different directions. According to Fractal design, this plays a huge role in increasing the airflow, but the most important benefit is that it doesn’t show ripples like how flat panels do. The front panel connections include two USB ports, microphone jacks, and headphones, along with reset and power buttons. Other than that, this product is also equipped with a full-length dust filter at the bottom to cover both the power supply air inlet and the optional intake fan. Furthermore, you can be able to place additional dual-fan radiators on the top.

There is always more room in the motherboard to accept new components, and Fractal Design has created a slot in the section to hold additional radiator fans. Other than that, it is one of the greatest airflow PC cases ever. If you choose to buy one for your usage, you won’t regret a second of it. It is equipped with a lot of features and makes sure that the users are enjoying their time. You can buy this airflow PC case from anywhere you want, either from an online store or by physically going to a hardware store – the choice is yours.


The Fractal Design Meshify C offers a glass-sided case with brilliant technology. This is one of the best airflow PC cases with good quality features and better liquid cooling experiences. It basically has it all under an average price. Without a doubt, it is the best PC case for your money.

The Good

  • Ideal support of both dual-fan radiator and triple-fan radiator
  • Bottom, front, and top fan filters
  • Overall great performance
  • Bottom panel filter can be removed from the front

The Bad

  • Does not support oversized motherboards
  • It is difficult to install the triple-fan radiator
  • Comparatively fewer features

CoolerMaster MasterCase H500M

Are you in search of an airflow PC case that offers premium features with the best acoustic and thermal performance? Well, there multiple reasons that prove you should choose the Cooler Master MasterCase H500M. It has the capability to accommodate a variety of different components, and that is the main reason why we recommend this PC case to everyone. However, it is a bit pricey, but it is definitely worth the hustle and bustle.

There are multiple companies out there that demand your hard-earned money, but it is a bit difficult to find a company that offers premium chassis equipped with all the bells and whistles you need, including addressable RGB lighting, water-cooling features, tempered glass panels, and USB Type-C ports. Fortunately, there is one company that has it all – Cooler Master. By just a glance, the MasterCase H500M kind of looks similar to the H500P model. But, if you perform a little bit of inspection, you will realize that there are a lot of differences between these two models. The design of the H500M is aimed to ignite the fire in all the world-class gamers so that they can showcase their building skills. When it comes to the exterior, it has a revamped bar design that features huge ventilation slots that are on sides of the top and front panels, combined with dual black metal mesh layers.

All of these details make the frame even more impressive looking. The purpose of the air-intake slots is to provide a gateway for fresh air to pass through the chassis. Other than that, when it comes to the buying process, you can buy it either online or offline. Buying online comes with plenty of benefits, such as discount offers. So, the choice is yours.


The Cooler Master Mastercase H500M is a much-improved model than the previous Cooler Master makes. It offers a much more impressive design and has a great blend of materials. This PC case will do whatever it takes to keep your components cool. It contains four USB ports, each suitable for your own use. Other than that, it has a very unique and attractive design.

The Good

  • Best material combination
  • Sleek design
  • Glass or mesh front panel
  • The functional support system of GPU
  • Four USB ports
  • Type-C and Gen2 support

The Bad

  • Not RGB or ARGB compatible
  • The side panels do not offer much security

Rosewill Gaming Challenger S

For all of your essential components, it is necessary to have a suitable PC case. The most important feature of a good quality PC case is that it will accommodate all of your components safely, keep them arranged, allow proper circulation of air, minimize all aspects of dirt and dust gathering inside, not to mention, it has to keep everything cool inside. Rosewill is a company that offers products starting from cooling fans to computer cases. In this review, we will discuss the very famous Rosewill’s Challenger S Gaming Mid-Tower computer case. Thanks to Challenger S, all the PC installation problems are solved. It demands an equipment-free congregation of 5.25-inch components and 3.5 inch HDD.

It has the capability to handle 14.17-inch graphics cards and a 120 mm liquid cooling radiator on the face. When it comes to maintenance, you’ll be surprised to hear; it is equipped with dust filters which are positioned at both the top and bottom to provide a well-organized and clean operating system. Other than that, the case has two built-in fans, one positioned at the front and the other at the rear. However, it is not that easy to clean the filter without getting the fans out, but you can ease up the process with the help of a vacuum cleaner so that all the dirt gets sucked up from the top. The most important feature to admire about this product is that it is very roomy and lightweight. Other than that, it also has a side window to display whatever artwork you want to show or whether you want to personalize or customize your PC with decorative elements.

Even the motherboard is very roomy so that the users can easily route and conceal even the fattest of power cables. This PC case is also equipped with plenty of amazing fan locations so that your PC can receive the best amount of airflow it deserves. Furthermore, it has a wonderful built that is perfect for gaming.


The Rosewill Challenger S Gaming Mid Tower PC case offers a nice amount of airflow, has a professional and minimalist sensation, and it is equipped with the best gaming features. What’s more, it is appropriate for those who have tight budgets.

The Good

  • Budget-friendly
  • Very roomy
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Can hold five fans
  • Compatible with Mini-ATX and Micro ATX

The Bad

  • The stand-offs are difficult to install

Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-02

One of the most popular Corsair products is their AIO CPU liquid coolers, but at this moment, all the customers are raving for Corsair’s line of PC cases. In this review, we will discuss the Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-02 Mid Tower Gaming Case. It is an ideal case for gaming, and every gamer should purchase it. The interior of the Carbide SPEC-02 is of the color black and has enough space to fit any component you want.

The exhaust fan is pre-installed and also has enough installation space to fit two more fans or even a radiator to keep the system as cool as possible. Behind the fascia place, there are slots for two fan mounts. The case is also equipped with a red LED pre-installed fan in the front area, which increases the colorful appeal of the case. This case has the ability to accommodate Micro ATX or ATX and Mini ITX motherboards. Other than this, the PSU mount is equipped with a dust filter beneath to create a sense of cleanliness in the interior and keep everything safe from dirt and dust.

It is truly an addition that the manufacturer has pulled off a wonderful design scheme for its control panel that offers an overall beautified feel and appearance. When we talk about performance, this case really does it well. It offers the best amount of ventilation, and it doesn’t make any noise. This shows how much quality is equipped in this airflow PC case. Without a doubt, we can title this as one of the best airflow PC cases of all time. Moreover, the build quality takes any kind of vibration away, and the dust filters make sure that there is no noise around the system.


When we talk about the best gaming PCs, the Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-02 is everything you need in that category. It is the best case whenever you want to customize or upgrade your own PC with new features or elements. We can’t emphasize it enough that this airflow PC case is ideal for gaming.

The Good

  • Aggressive design
  • A lot of interior space
  • Can use six fans
  • Has excellent warranty

The Bad

  • The dust filter does not work well
  • The bottom feet do not contain any rubber pads to prevent vibration

DeepCool TX Mid Tower

When it comes to finding the most humble PC case, you have first to consider the personality of your operating system. A PC case should be able to protect your system from particles and provide a sensible arrangement of components and increase its ease of use. The most important aspect of a PC case that people admire is the case. It is difficult to find an entry-level PC case that has it all. But, let’s not lose hope now, because Deepcool still exists.

This company has all the medals and trophies to be the best entry-level products provider ever. This review is all about the amazing features of Deepcool Tesseract SW. So, what exactly is the Tesseract? Obviously, you’ve heard this word before. Was it in a science lecture? Was it in a movie? In a book? Or was it just part of a math problem. Don’t worry; by the end of this review, you will know what tesseract means. Deepcool is a very modest company that originated in Beijing, China. They have been in the hardware industry for decades now and are best at providing thermal solutions for PCs. When it comes to the Tesseract SW, it is another great manufacturing of Deepcool.

It has the most amazing appearance ever; side windows that make it look shiny and trendier. It is equipped with two Blue LED fans that provide the best amount of cooling. What’s more? This product has enough room to accommodate a very long VGA card. Other than that, it does not require any tools for installation. Behind the motherboard, there is a huge gap that allows custom air or water cooling to get used. Basically, it has a very large interior, and that makes it a perfect fit for gaming.


The Deepcool Tesseract is an affordable entry-level airflow PC case. Its price is almost perfect for what features you receive, and it is a very strong competitor in the hardware industry, offering extra component space that most builders need at this price point. Other than that, its performance is amazing and can provide you with great gaming experience.

The Good

  • Budget-friendly
  • Spacious
  • Feature-filled
  • Easy to maintain
  • Best warranty
  • Installation is tool-free

The Bad

  • Not the most versatile Deepcool model


SilverStone is a well-known manufacturer for their innovative designs and quality and they are back with another Redline Series chassis, the RL06 Case. There are four different versions of the RL06 chassis available. The model tagged with a “W” is the basic version, featuring an acrylic window. The model tagged with “PRO” is the next step up that also features an acrylic window and three LED intake fans. After that, the model is tagged with a “G” and it features a tempered glass side panel. The most peak model is tagged with a “GP” and features a tempered glass side panel and three LED intake fans. The chassis we are going to talk about today is the white and silver PRO model that features an acrylic window and three 120mm LED intake fans. The first thing that you will notice about the SilverStone’s RL06 is the glossy white paint job on the chassis exterior. All of the RL06 models have a matte black interior, no matter which color combination you choose. In our case, the contrasting matte black interior looks great and adds to the overall appeal. The SilverStone Redline RL06 has a steel construction with a plastic front panel and measures 200mm (W) X 477mm (H) X (D) and weighs 13.9lbs. A magnetic metal-mesh filter covers much of the top panel. There is a perforated area directly under the filter that has mounting locations for two 120mm or 140mm fans. There are two USB 3.0 and two 2.0 ports, microphone, and headphone jacks, hard drive activity LED and a power button on the leading edge of the top panel. A metal-mesh covers the entire plastic front panel. There are mounting locations for three 120mm intake fans and a large removable filter that clips into place, directly behind the front panel. This model of the SilverStone’s Redline RL06 has a 14” X 12” acrylic side panel window for showing off your system components. There is a solid metal side panel on the opposite side of the chassis.

Standard plastic-covered thumbscrews are used to hold both side panels in their place. The case has a filtered hole for power-supply ventilation and four rectangular plastic feet on the bottom. The case features seven expansion-card slots, the motherboard I/O area, an exhaust-fan mounting location (our model had a 120mm fan fitted here) and an opening for bottom mounted power supply on the rear. The SilverStone’s Redline RL06 has a basic fan-filtration system that, for the most part, does a decent job of keeping the dirt and debris out of the system. As mentioned earlier, the top filter is magnetic, which means it is easily removable. There is a large plastic filter in the front of the chassis that clips into the place just behind the front panel. This makes cleaning and maintaining these two filters really easy. However, to remove the bottom filter, you have to turn the entire chassis on its side. The SilverStone Redline RL06 comes with a small plastic bag that contains a quick installation guide and various screws, which is located in one of the open 3.5” drive bays. For a mid-tower chassis, the interior of the SilverStone Redline RL06 is fairly spacious and it supports up to ATX motherboards. The seven expansion slots can hold three-card SLI and CrossFire schemes. However, most performance enthusiasts probably will not buy a budget-friendly chassis such as this one for a high-end system build, as this chassis can contain long graphics with up to 348mm length and multi-GPU configurations. Placing the GPUs in close proximity to three 120mm intake fans might influence the enthusiasts to see this chassis as a viable if an unconventional, option. The SilverStone Redline RL06 features a total of seven cable pass-through cutaways with rolled metal edges in the motherboard tray for cable management. There are three additional pass-through holes with rolled edges located at the top of the power supply tunnel. Note: If you install an ATX motherboard in this chassis, then two of the pass-through holes at the bottom of the motherboard tray become inaccessible.

The SilverStone Redline RL06 has a large hole in the motherboard mounting plate behind the CPU socket area that allows the heat sink to be changed without removing the motherboard. There are two cable pass-through holes at the upper edge of the motherboard tray that is designed specifically for routing the 12V CPU and fan power cables. SilverStone Redline RL06 has a fairly shallow with less than half an inch area directly behind the motherboard, while the area on the side of the motherboard tray is about an inch deep for cable management. For most basic to moderate system builds, the cable management is sufficient. The SilverStone Redline RL06 also features a powered fan hub. The SilverStone Redline RL06 comes with a large non-removable PSU tunnel (like so many cases) at the bottom of the main compartment that covers the three drive bays and the power supply. This area receives direct airflow from the bottom-most 120mm intake fan, including the hard drive mounting locations. The SilverStone Redline RL06 has all of the five drive-mounting locations behind the motherboard tray. The case features two dedicated mounting locations for 2.5” SSDs on the back of the motherboard tray. The case also has three with support for both 2.5” and 3.5” drives via plastic caddies under the power supply tunnel. The SilverStone Redline RL06 is outfitted with three LED-lit 120mm intake fans in the front of the case and one unlit 120mm fan in the rear of the case. You can install up to a total of six 120mm fans or four 140mm fans in the case. The front of the chassis can be equipped with up to three 120mm fans or up to two 140mm fans, the top of the case can be equipped with two 120mm or two 140mm fans and the rear of the chassis can be equipped with one 120mm fan.

The triple 120mm LED intake fans in the front of the chassis provides an impressive amount of airflow without sounding like a wind tunnel. SilverStone Redline RL06 can be equipped with a power supply with up to 220mm length without issue. We recommend that you use a modular power supply if you choose a longer power supply. The SilverStone Redline RL06 can be equipped with CPU air coolers of up to 158mm tall and can also be equipped with graphics cards of up to 348mm length. SilverStone claims that it is possible to mount radiators and all-in-one coolers at the top of the case if the total thickness is not more than 30mm. These locations are best suited for fan use only unless you use ultra-thin fans coupled with an extremely thin radiator. The front of the case can be equipped with radiators and all-in-one coolers with up to 240mm or 280mm directly to the existing 120mm LED fans or in a push-pull configuration using the fans that are shipped with your all-in-one cooler. You can mount a 120mm all-in-one cooler in the exhaust fan location.


The SilverStone Redline RL06 is one of the best choices for the performance enthusiasts on a budget if you don’t care much about a few shortcomings. It may not have all of the features of a premium chassis, but the thermal performance is top-notch for the price.

The Good

  • Budget-friendly
  • A great amount of airflow
  • Three 120mm LED fans
  • Surprisingly quiet

The Bad

  • The acrylic window can be scratched easily
  • No space for the all-in-one coolers or the radiators with fans on the top

Phanteks Enthoo Pro

The Phanteks Enthoo Pro M is a mid-sized tower case that also has some surprising number of features. It looks good and is well built. The case also features a neat power supply cover that allows you to tuck most of your cables out of sight. The new tempered glass is superb and shows off the components of your PC at full effect. Even though it is not immediately obvious, but the Phanteks Enthoo Pro M supports an E-ATX motherboard, as well as ATX, mATX, Mini-ITX. However, you can expect to lose access to some of the cable management holes that depends on the motherboard type you use. The front of the chassis can be equipped with a 240mm or 280mm liquid cooler easily and there is a decent amount of space for cooling at the top of the chassis as well.

If you are installing fans or a radiator on the top of the case, the sliding rack makes it significantly easier to install them since you have full access to the mounting screws this way. If you want to go all out and install a 360mm radiator in the front or the top of the case, then you will need to remove the optical drive cage. The case includes two 140mm fans and all the fans included are newly redesigned and better performing Phanteks fans. The chassis has a filter directly behind the front panel that can be accessed by removing the front panel that keeps the dust and debris out of your system. The Phanteks Enthoo Pro M has two drive caddies that can support both 2.5” or 3.5” drive under the power supply tunnel to hide them out of sight. The Phanteks Enthoo Pro M also has three mounting points where you can mount 2.5” SSDs only.

You can also buy accessory drive mounts from Phanteks to install an additional six 3.5” drivers and two 2.5” drives. There is a mounting point for a Phanteks PWM hub on the backside of the motherboard tray. There is a metal-mesh on the top of the chassis as well. The Phanteks Enthoo Pro M also allows you to remove the two drive caddies and the plate above them in the power supply cover in order to mount a pump there. Phanteks lists an accessory pump mount, which is compatible with DDC pumps, but not D5. The Phanteks Enthoo Pro M features a power supply cover that separates the lower section from the main chamber in order to hide all of the cables and possibly show off the logo on the power supply. There is a filter under the hold on the bottom of the case which houses the power supply that can be easily removed to clean and maintain by sliding it from the rear of the case.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro M has perfectly well cooling performance, even though there isn’t much space inside the chassis. There are a series of discreet slots that restrict a little bit of airflow at the front of the case. For most of the PC builders, this design will work perfectly well indeed. The Phanteks Enthoo Pro M doesn’t have a lot of space inside the case so you have to choose whether you have to put emphasis on liquid cooling, drive bays or expansion cards. The tempered glass is superb and sits on rubber mounts that keep it absolutely silent.


The Phanteks Enthoo Pro M has enough space on the interior while it also manages to give perfectly well cooling performance, even though there are a series of discreet slots that restrict a little bit of the airflow. The new tempered glass panel is absolutely superb and sits on rubber mounts that keep it completely silent while it also shows the components of your PC. The Phanteks Enthoo Pro M is really impressive for an entry-level case for the enthusiasts that give the enthusiasts a number of options for your PC build, while still giving the enthusiasts flexibility for future upgrades.

The Good

  • Quite a lot of interior room
  • Simple yet smooth exterior design
  • Can be equipped with a 280mm or 360mm radiator at the top and front
  • Radiator bracket
  • Excellent cable management

The Bad

  • A little bit restrictive airflow
  • There isn’t much space left with a 360mm radiator at the front
  • Have to purchase more SSD / HDD brackets separately for more storage

FSP CMT210 Gaming Case

FSP has managed to make a name for itself in the PC market for their power supplies, that is the reason that when the name FSP is brought up, most of the people will immediately think of power supplies. But, as many other companies have been doing lately, they add more hardware components to manufacture in order to increase sales and make a profit. We have seen battery banks, but we did not see it coming that FSP was about to enter the chassis realm as well. To enter this market FSP has the main goal of offering a mainstream design that is suitable for most of the enthusiasts, instead of going for an elitist design where they would sell in limited numbers. The plan is to just roll out a chassis that is not only attractive but also live up to the standards of many latest trends.

FSP CMT210 is a mid-tower chassis design that also delivers things like an attractive fascia, enough space for multiple high-end graphics cards, also comes with LED fans and even has space for the water cooling support. It has all the bells and whistles that the masses tend to look for when picking out their next chassis to build their PC in. The FSP CMT210 mid-tower chassis seems like a serious contender in the massive market that has some smaller cases to house beastly systems. CMT210 comes in four color accents in the bezel, which are matte black, Cool Silver, Fire Red, and Ocean Blue that you can choose from. This adds a little bit of more style to the exterior design since the overall chassis is black. FSP CMT210 is comprised of SECC steel and bits made of ABS plastic. It weighs 4.7kg and has dimensions of 200mm (W) X 460mm (H) X 432mm (D). The FSP CMT210 can support an ATX, Micro-ATX or a Mini-ITX motherboard.

There are two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 ports along with MIC and HD audio ports in the front I/O panel. There are seven expansion slots on the rear of chassis. FSP has mentioned that the CMT210 can be equipped with a CPU cooler that is up to 160mm in height and fit inside. The case can also be equipped with a graphics card that is up to 360mm long. The case can house a 200mm ATX power supply. The chassis has a cage for three 3.5” drives and three other mounting locations for the 2.5” drives with the help of special clips. The FSP CMT210 comes with a pair of fans, one 120mm blue LED fan in the front of the case and one 120mm blue LED fan in the back of the case. The front panel of the chassis can be equipped with three 120mm fans or two 140mm fans for better cooling. Most of the water cooling support is also at the front of the case. You could also equip the back of the case with a single 120mm radiator. However, the top and the bottom of the case have no fan mounting locations.


The FSP CMT210 has a reasonable price. This means that if you don’t have much to spend on a chassis then the CMT210 is a really good choice for you that can easily fit all your components in it, while still having a decent set of features.

The Good

  • Mainstream design that is suitable for most of the enthusiasts
  • Reasonable price
  • A good amount of airflow

The Bad

  • No fan mounting locations on the top of the case or at the bottom of the case

Cooler Master N200

The Cooler Master N200 has surprisingly most of the things that are “must-have” features for a customer. While the Cooler Master N200 mini-tower is a much smaller chassis than most are used to dealing with, this didn’t let Cooler Master stop them from helping to redefine what the buyers want to see in a chassis. Even though the Cooler Master N200 is compact, but it has an attractively stylish design. It also has all sorts of things that we don’t see in some tower cases that are much larger and are more expensive. The front panel of the Cooler Master N200 is nearly all-black steel mesh. The only thing that breaks up the look a little bit is a long thick bar on the right side of the chassis with the Cooler Master logo at the bottom.The front panel of the Cooler Master N200 has the front I/O panel under the removable 5.25” bay cover and next to the 3.5” cover.

It starts with a reset button, power button, HDD activity light. After these, there is a pair of 3.5mm audio and microphone jacks along with two USB 2.0 ports and one single USB 3.0 port. The Cooler Master N200 has textured painted steel on the top. On the back of the case, there is a 120mm fan opening with a dust filter that is held with push clips, but the case doesn’t come with any fan in this location. The door of the Cooler Master N200 is raised in order to allow for a fan to have enough space next to the graphics card/s if you choose to mount a fan in this optional mounting location. The Cooler Master N200 has four expansion slots that have removable ventilated covers just under the exhaust fan area at the top of the rear side of the chassis. The rear side of the case also has optional holes for water cooling and power supply housing on the bottom.

The right side of the Cooler Master N200 has the same shaped bump-out that the left side also had, but the right side has this bump-out is for the cables, since the motherboard tray is close to the door. Under the Cooler Master N200, there is a dust filter under the power supply and also has four large plastic feet with rubber pads. On the other half of the bottom of the case, there are screws and not rivets that hold in the HDD rack. Once you remove the thumbscrews of the side panels of the Cooler Master N200, you can see that there is a 5.25” bay for an ODD or a reservoir and just under that, there is a 3.5” drive bay for card readers. Both bays use screws in order to mount devices on both sides. The front panel of the Cooler Master N200 has a single 120mm fan that comes with the case. However, you can install two or eve a radiator there. If you want to put a radiator there, then you will have to remove the drive cage that holds two 3.5” HDDs easily.

At the top of the case, there is a screen that acts as a dust filter that also has screw holes so you can mount a fan in this location. The motherboard tray of the Cooler Master N200 has just enough room for a Micro-ATX motherboard or quite a lot of room for a Mini-ITX motherboard. The motherboard tray features four places to route the wires through and eleven places to tie the cables along with a large CPU backplate access hole. The back of the case also has the same fan as the front has. Both of the fans are 3-pin powered, they also come with Molex power adapters on them too. The backside of the motherboard tray of the Cooler Master N200 has 2.5” drive mounting locations.


The construction of the chassis is really good. The chassis can be equipped with a 240mm radiator in the front. The chassis is reasonably priced while being compact in size and still has so many features.

The Good

  • Can be equipped with up to a 240mm radiator in the front
  • Good value
  • Compact size
  • Plenty of airflow from the front

The Bad

  • No 8-pin EPS connector routing on the top corner
  • The fan at the top has to be maximum 15mm thick

Thermaltake Versa H18

Thermaltake is a well-known company for manufacturing huge chassis. On the other hand, Thermaltake also manufactures the more affordable and compact chassis for the market too. The Thermaltake Versa H18 is definitely going to be an attractive choice for those on a budget. Being budget-friendly doesn’t mean that the case lacks a few features though, the Thermaltake Versa H18 Tempered glass has almost all the features that some of the more expensive chassis would have. The Thermaltake Versa H18 Tempered glass has a pretty safe design that you know will work. The chassis has great ergonomics, thanks to the mATX design. That does limit the motherboard size, but on the other hand, it does mean a more compact design overall.

With the Tempered glass side panel, you will be able to show off your system components too. It is mounted with four thumbscrews in order to allow easy access. The front panel of the Thermaltake Versa H18 Tempered glass has the front I/O tucked in the top right, while the rest of the front panel offers a huge amount of airflow. The case doesn’t come with pre-installed fans in the front, but it does have space for 120mm/140mm fans or even up to a 280mm radiator, it’s perfect for mounting a big all-in-one liquid cooler in your system. The top surface of the Thermaltake Versa H18 has a mounting location for a single 120mm fan or a single 140mm fan and also has a dust filter to keep the dust and debris out of your system. The dust filter is magnetic, making it easier to remove in order to clean and maintain it.

The backside of the Thermaltake Versa H18 Tempered glass comes with a pre-installed 120mm exhaust fan, under that there are four expansion slots and under that is the power supply mounting area. Under the Thermaltake Versa H18 Tempered glass, there is a power supply dust filter that clips in and in order to give the power supply enough clearance there are four sturdy feet that give enough clearance for the power supply to get plenty of airflows. The interior of the Thermaltake Versa H18 Tempered glass has a well-thought layout that should make hardware installation a little bit easier for you. Thermaltake Versa H18 Tempered glass has a fixed, built-in power supply cover that hides all your cables and some storage devices as well. The case also has plenty of cable routing options. Thermaltake Versa H18 doesn’t have any rubber grommets but has plenty of routing holes that will make routing your cables significantly easier. On the back of the Thermaltake Versa H18 Tempered glass, there is plenty of space for a 120mm all-in-one cooler to be mounted here. The front panel can be equipped with a 240mm radiator or even a 280mm radiator.

The power supply shroud has a cut-out there in order to not to restrict the radiator. You can easily add any after-market fans if you want. Thermaltake Versa H18 Tempered glass has plenty of room for cable routing behind the motherboard tray. The cable routing holes are perfectly located for cable management. If you need to clean the front panel mesh, then you can just pull the panel off. However, the hard-wired cables won’t let you completely remove it, but it will be open more than enough for just cleaning. mATX motherboards do support multiple graphics cards and you will find enough space to do put multiple graphics cards in the Thermaltake Versa H18 Tempered glass. The case also has plenty of widths too, which is more than enough for some of the wider modern graphics card designs.


The Thermaltake Versa H18 Tempered glass is a fantastic choice for those who are looking for a budget-friendly chassis. The Thermaltake Versa H18 Tempered glass can house a decent gaming PC with water cooling as well. The case has a good amount of features like the built-in dust filter on the front panel, etc.

The Good

  • LED Strip
  • Can support a 280mm radiator in the front
  • Budget-friendly
  • A lot of airflow from the front

The Bad

  • Pretty basic design

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