The leading graphics tech giant Nvidia has revealed their next generation of flagship GPUs. The Turing architecture has involved into Ampere architecture using same innovation of RT Cores. These RT Cores are the explicit asset of Nvidia to showcase the previous beloved RTX 20 series and also the hot selling GTX 16 series budget GPUs.

The Ampere architecture includes and highlights the RTX 3080 and 3090 in live reveal which have broken their own records in graphical innovation and processing speed.

The massive RT cores, excessive memory and clock speeds and huge video RAM (VRAM) and humungous heat sinks are showcased but the benchmarks weren’t taken up to the real performance.

Unless the tech reviewers are handed over with these samples, and they put them together to benchmark and found that the promised improvement isn’t real like every time. Although there have been too many of the RTX cards are preordered on the basis of huge acclaimed improvement than the previous gen and also crushing the price factor of the previous gen which is acclaimed to be half the worth for performance compared.

The RTX 3080 has now been available for public during this week. Many people are facing out of stock consequences and are being scheduled to be granted with pre ordered RTX 3080 by December this year, but finger crossed for price incline for new buyers.

Since everyone was so much blind folded making fun of RTX 20 series consumers on buying older and underpowered GPUs by the reveal date of RTX 30 series cards, the real benchmark came up and 3080 also failed to overcome the promise performance. Yet it did beat the numbers but not much as expected.

Same is the game for RTX 3090 which is claimed to be mega titan of RTX 30 series dreams. Teclab has carried out alleged benchmark which shows only 10% gain over the RTX 3080 as shown under the comparison table:

Score / 4K AVG FPS

RTX 3080

RTX 3090


3DMark Time Spy Extreme




3DMark Port Royal




Metro Exodus RTX/DLSS OFF




Metro Exodus RTX/DLSS ON




Rainbow Six Siege




Horizon Zero Dawn




Forza Horizon




Far Cry




Assassins Creed Oddysey




Shadow of the Tomb Raider RTX/DLSS Off




Shadow of the Tomb Raider RTX/DLSS On




Borderlands 3




Death Stranding DLSS/RTX ON




Death Stranding DLSS/RTX OFF













RTX 3080 is priced at $699 for founder’s edition and the RTX 3090 at $1,499 which is more than double of 3080. Everyone with average mindset has been expecting double the performance of 3080 in RTX 3090. Looking at the size of this beasty card which takes 3 slots of your PCI-E socket and hard to keep under the mid-tower case especially under the circumstances that you are thinking of SLI configuration. Also expect to upgrade your power supply unit because there is new 12-pin power connector design which may draw most of the juice out of your PC power plan.

RTX 3090 specs

CUDA Cores: 10496
Boost Clock / Base:  1.7GHz / 1.4GHz

Recommended System Power: 750W
Bus Width: 384-bit
Power: 350W

Despite being so close to the price of RTX 2080Ti and replacing the RTX Titan place which isn’t really a consumer graphics card, the gaming performance for this card might actually wont count. With huge 24GB GDDR6X video memory, it may perform great in rendering and for other industrial trials. Perhaps Nvidia have port the Titan branding behind and formed a new beasty 90 tier GPU on the top of their Ampere GPU family.

The RTX 3090 also derives the 2nd Generation of ray-tracing cores and 3rd Generation Tensor cores for improved DLSS and ray-tracing performance. Nvidia claims their Ampere series will be talented enough to offer up to twice the ray-tracing speed equated to the older generation, perhaps, they’ve only confirmed numeric calculation that show each GPU’s mutual ray-tracing and DLSS performance as opposite to their real ray-tracing speeds. As a result, it’s possibly better to take this side with a bitter truth till appropriate benchmarks start to show up. Also, there are missing stable drivers for RTX 3090 and may improve when it becomes available for public. Nonetheless, RTX 3080 still stands so far from 2080Ti with the price to performance comparison so there is still room for appreciation and improvement over time in video drivers’ aspects.


As for now it is concluded that the Nvidia GPUs are always been bottlenecked by the software/drivers. We expect better showcase and better real time benchmarks when the stable software is paired up to perform parallel and better than the expected results.

About the PCI-e Gen 4 and new power supplies with high watts, expect to get some upgrade of these to house and harness the full potential of Ampere GPUs.

As for the double the price tag as compared to 3080, never think of doubled performance just by doubling the price, but it surely may serve other purposes other than gaming, perhaps its 24GB of involved GDDR6X memory.