Cyberpunk 2077 was probably the most anticipated game of the past decade, but it failed to meet the expectations of players at launch. Refunds are provided to buyers directly by the developer, and the game itself was released for sale in other online stores. CD Projekt founder and chief executive Marcin Iwiński has blamed himself, saying in January the company "looked down on work" to make the game run at an acceptable level for last-generation consoles.

According to the studio development guide released in January, the next section includes refinement and release of free downloadable content and free updates to enhance the game in the current generation consoles. At the moment, Cyberpunk 2077 is being played on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in reverse relay only.

The developers agree that driving has been a bit of a hassle since the launch, especially on PCs. It turns out that the independent level of the game complicated the issue.

"When we were dealing with low draft standards, our vehicles were difficult to control," the CDPR said. "We searched for this in a code that did not contain excessive changes in the frame rate. Driving speeds are now very consistent from 20 to 60+ FPS."

Each car has also been replaced with details, including the player's first car. CD Projekt Red also noted that cars are sometimes suspended on environmental data, including curbs and bollards. Update 1.2 will include an "Unstuck feature" that will allow players to swing cars back and forth while holding the accelerator.

You will also face a few car injuries after the renovation. The CDPR explains that they have improved traffic management, a problem that has often arisen for keyboard users, they said. "We've added a Steering Sensitivity Slide to the Options menu. This allows the driving speed of all vehicles and all input devices to slow down, without affecting the maximum turning radius." You will also be able to easily find your car without speeding if you block the sea with an obstacle.

The next major update to Cyberpunk 2077 is Patch 1.2, which has been delayed for the past month due to a cyberattack on the CD Projekt developer (which I am sure is not lost in the studio). We are not yet sure when the update will be released via Steam and GOG this month, but we now know what will be in it. Players who commit crimes in Night City, intentionally or not, may have seen the alarming speed with which the Night City Police Department responds. The ICD Projekt Red says it is aware of the situation and is making some adjustments to where and when police shoot. Law enforcement should no longer be visible directly behind the player and will take longer to respond normally. Beat police will be preceded by a flying drone, a new addition to the game.

In the meantime, the CD Projekt has included a fictional report for Night City news highlighting major changes to Patch 1.2. Skipping past illegal pieces, the patch made the following changes and additions to Cyberpunk 2077:

  • The police responded slowly
  • Police appear to be analyzing crime scenes with drones
  • Provides a directional sensor slide
  • Direction should be more consistent with all framerate entries
  • Captured vehicles can be removed by vibration and rotation
  • Double-tapping the Dodge movement key can be disabled; double-taping the folding switch key will then run

The change in police practices reflects the criticism of Cyberpunk 2077 that emerged from participating movies shortly after the launch: After committing one illegal act, the police can immediately see after the participant whether or not they can take action without real phone vendors. One of the most-watched videos confirmed that police were on the roof in seconds:

Patch 1.2 will not allow Cyberpunk 2077 to 'actually' drive from the station or petrol station to the crime scene. It is delaying their response time, "which should alleviate the problem of NPCs stalking players and create the impression that it takes some time for police to arrive at the scene of a crime after a crime has been reported," said leading game developer Patryk Fiutowski and technical design coordinator Asukasz Szczepankowski.

Also helpful for deception will be recon drones designed to "create a sense of police investigating the situation." Below is a video presentation of the new police response Patch 1.2, posted by CD Projekt:

The episode should also improve traffic flow by adjusting the sensitivity caused by slow-moving framerates and a menu slide that adjusts full sensitivity. And if you continue to get into something you didn't intend to do, you should have an easy time of instability. Once the car is parked on the beach, you will be able to control the speed to "move the car forward or backward or turn it left / right.

Eventually, the dodge movement will be restored. Normally, security is done by double-clicking the movement key, but a new option will disable that function. Dodging will then be accomplished by double-tapping the wrapped key, which goes wrong with C, and maybe a return.

"It will now be better to move WASD ties towards the keyboard," said tool designer Wojtek. "There are still a few commitments that need to be addressed, but these need to be addressed in the future."

CD Projekt tells me that the pool is scheduled to be released before the end of March. The full Patch 1.2 Development Insight post includes many demonstration videos, as well as fictional descriptions of these upcoming changes. Regarding police conduct, "Mike of Kabuki" was quoted as saying that when his wife accidentally shot a pedestrian, the NCPD "appeared to be empty," which is "not very cruel in response to the manslaughter."