AMD has captioned its Big Navi the slayer of Nvidia RTX 2nd Generation flagship GPUs. In an alleged benchmark result, Biga Navi can be seen giving 40 to 50 percent more performance than that of an RTX 2080Ti. The same play is played by Nvidia during the reveal but the actual results of 2nd generation RTX GPUs are telling a different story.

Nvidia has revealed its RTX 2nd generation Graphics card with the same RTX branding prefix. RTX 1st generation graphics cards were a huge leap in innovation and processing power, incorporating RT cores the 1st gen Turing architecture was way much pricey and have a little advantage over the pascal series high profile graphics cards with the huge price difference. Most consumers seem uninterested with the RTX features because it consumes a lot of frames per second and gives a mere gain of visuals which is quite unnoticeable in most of the AAA games. Then the DLSS technology steps in and revived the lost FPS using third party processing over the Ray tracing impact. The RTX 1st gen started to rise again and Nvidia sold a lot of their products than ever. Since then, Nvidia RTX became demanding and adored by many consumers.

Where Nvidia launched their RTX lineup 2 years back, AMD launched their AMD RX series GPUs which were quite devastating for a competition against Nvidia. The top lineup card RX 5700XT couldn’t even stand ahead of medium-tier RTX 2070. No doubt that AMD has lowered their prices for their flagship GPUs but they were claimed to be beating the ruling RTX cards. Ahead of the reveal, it was an absurd outcome where RX 5700XT standing beside the performance of Nvidia’s budget GPU RTX 2060. The lack of ray tracing tech in AMD RX 5XXX series GPUs has lessened the sales of Radeon RX series cards.

Yet everyone with an upgrade in mind is still looking forward to buying either RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 when they come in stock by next month. Nvidia puts handsome prices than the older generation with more RT cores and more VRAM with GDDR6X and GDDR6 memory. According to the ‘Moore’s Law is Dead’ theory, the performance gain can be unexpected for next-generation tech equipment, these either can be lower than expected or undoubtedly can skyrocket. This can be seen from the Maxwell architecture by Nvidia that the huge performance gains are possible out of the capability of a tech giant. The Big Navi is also called Navi 21 and it has expected to lead the market by snapping the heels of Nvidia RTX 3080.

Early the illustration and actual render of AMD RX 6900XT has been displayed on Twitter and Fortnite as an easter egg. The leads suggest that the RX 6900XT will harness a 16GB GDDR6 memory and 256-bit bus width in a price expected to be for around $499. To encounter the beasty 24GB RTX 3090 the RX 6900XT can be expected to stand in line. Following this RTX 3090 opponent, there is also hinted Navi 22 GPU which may later materialize to become 6800XT or 6700XT with 12GB GDDR6 memory and 192-bit bus width. The Navi 22 GPU is expected to compel against 3070 or 3080 with a low pricing scheme.

AMD Big Navi Performance

Next-gen AMD GPUs are being made to give the consumers a hardware-accelerated ray-tracing alternative. With this addon, the Big Navi may cross 1st generation RTX GPUs that are the corresponding goal of PlayStation 5 and also the Xbox Series X. Microsoft and Sony have already aimed Turing architecture to surpass and give exotic ray-tracing capabilities to next-generation consoles. Although it will require costly hardware to pump up the ray-tracing process still the PlayStation 5 digital edition secures its value at $399 for digital and the Blue Ray disc edition at $499. These are whole gaming machines with ray-tracing capability still they whole are costing the consumers less than the price an RTX 3070. Perhaps it is another topic to discuss for later.

All these next-generation graphics cards and consoles are already been pre-ordered like insane and people are facing late delivery and out of stock consequences. These things surely are most anticipated and most wanted by the gaming community.

Big Navi is all set up to launch by the 25th of October this year. We may see the actual price of 3070 and 3060 by then which may be the answer to Big Navi’s price to performance division.