How to pair JBL speakers?

The music you listen to in theatre, Concert halls, and other places gives you a mesmerizing and memorable feel of your whole life. It’s designed in a way where you can experience a crisp and clarity. As these experiences make you feel outstanding, they come with a cost. Yes, we talk about the Speaker’s costs and other stereo sound systems. Based on that, you can quickly dissolve into the situations happening at the moment and leave everything out of your mind.

If we talk about the current times, Speakers have made a lot of importance among the people. Many users have many concerns in choosing the brands that made the best Bluetooth speakers. Listen Flow is all about choosing the speakers that are just right for your needs. JBL is one of the top-notch brands whose speakers are top-rated among people right now. However, there are many users who, after buying the JBL speakers, come with connection issues. For that reason, we have created the article to guide you about the entire procedure of connecting JBL speakers from your home.

Steps to Connect a JBL Speaker:

After following the Below Steps, you would connect the JBL speakers, and any of the other speakers are possible for you to connect without any hurdles. So, let’s begin talking about the steps.

Step 1: Check the status of the JBL speaker

First of all, you need to make sure that the JBL speaker is Turned On. Without it, you cannot connect the speakers with other devices to play the music or anything else you want to enjoy. Soon you turned on the Speakers; the next important thing would be to Pair it. For pairing the speakers, it must contain a pairing button feature. Usually, the pairing button is the one that comes with the Bluetooth logo. You only need to press it once, and it will turn on the pairing mode for you. Some speakers come with the automatic pairing option, which you would get after turning on the JBL speakers and looking into the device Bluetooth option.

Step 2: Check The OS system for pairing 

We have talked about the Pairing methods and turning on the JBL speakers. Now, the second thing you need to do is pair the devices. For that, you have to hop on to the Bluetooth connectivity feature of your Speaker. Yes, the same Bluetooth feature tends to share pictures or any important documents with other smart device users.

The method of opening the Bluetooth feature is different in the Operating systems. Yes, we are talking about iOS and Android. Whatever operating system you use, make sure to follow its steps. After opening the Bluetooth feature, find the JBL speaker name for connection reasons.

We have talked about mobile phones now; the same option is achievable on other devices like Tablets, laptops, or PC. You can follow the same thing depending upon your Device’s convenience.

Step 3: Check the connection 

The third step will be to identify whether the connection is made or not. For that, you would see the light available on the JBL speaker. The lights turn on when the device is connected. Otherwise, the speakers are not connected.

Besides that, some of the JBL speakers come with other connectivity indications. Like, some speakers produce a beep sound, which indicates the connection. Moreover, some of the speakers come with the sound of “Your Device is ready to use.” So, you can accordingly identify the connections.

That’s it for the connection steps; you have completed the pairing of the JBL speaker with your Device.

What if JBL speakers don’t connect after following the Steps?

After following the entire steps, you need to troubleshoot the problem if you face any issues. For that, you will get a lot of helpful YouTube videos and blogs that can guide you in the best way to pair the JBL speaker that is making trouble. Besides that, ensure that the JBL speaker is fully charged when pairing it with other devices. Sometimes, the Speaker’s low battery makes it an issue for a person not to pair the JBL speaker easily. Therefore, you need to look upon that as well.

How To Connect JBL Speakers with Windows 10?

If you are using Windows 10 on your Laptop or PC, you can connect the JBL speaker with it. All you need is to get into the System settings of your Device. Over there, you will see the Bluetooth and other devices options; Click on that option.

Inside the Bluetooth option, you will see another option with the name of Show Bluetooth Devices. Make sure to click on that option, as it will let you know about the list of available devices for pairing purposes.

You need to know about the model name and number of the JBL speaker you are using because the Bluetooth device will appear in the Device with the same name. After finding the JBL speaker name, click on that option to begin the pairing. You will hear the Beep sound, connection-activated message, or the light blink to assure the Speaker is paired successfully with windows 10.

How to Connect JBL Speakers with Mac OS?

The Mac OS connection procedure is quite similar to windows 10. First, you need to open the apple menu and look for the system preferences. Over there, you will see the Bluetooth option. Now, click on that option. After that, you will see the list of available paired Bluetooth devices. Here, you need to find your JBL speaker model number and name to pair the Mac OS with the Speaker.

How to Connect Multiple JBL Bluetooth Speakers?

Step 1: Turn On Bluetooth 

For the main audio source file available on the Device, such as Tablet, Laptop, or phone, make sure to turn on its Bluetooth feature. After that, you need to turn on the JBL speaker for pairing.

Step 2: Begin Pairing 

Start the pairing process by looking to the source device where the name of your JBL speaker will be available. Tap on it.

Step 3: Check If the connection Has been Made.

The next step will be to tap on the button available to the Speaker for connection purposes. It will connect the other JBL speaker to the one connected with the other Device where the audio file will play.

Step 4: Play the Sound

In the end, you need to play the audio file and enjoy the same audio on multiple JBL speakers available right over to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pair my JBL Bluetooth speaker?

Pairing your JBL speaker is not a hectic or challenging job. All you need is to get into the Device setting and find the Bluetooth option. Over there, you need to turn on the Bluetooth feature and tap the “New pair Device” option. After seeing the JBL speaker device name appear in the connection bar, make sure to tap on it.

Can you pair 2 JBL speakers together?

Many people have raised questions about connecting more than one JBL speaker. Yes, connecting more than one or two JBL speakers simultaneously is possible. The company has offered you the option to connect almost 100 speakers simultaneously. However, the JBL speaker that comes with JBL connect+ feature can easily attempt for the same feature.

Why won’t my JBL speakers connect?

The primary reason for your JBL speakers not connecting is their gap. Ensure to maintain the gap appropriately so the range can easily connect both devices simultaneously without any hurdles. Meanwhile, you need to ensure that the JBL speakers are adequately charged as it can also make the issues for you not easy to connect both speakers.

Which JBL speakers connect?

JBL Clip 2.
JBL Pulse 2.
JBL charge 3.
JBL flip 3.
These are the four JBL speakers that can easily connect.

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