How to Lower GPU Temperature- Detailed Guide

Having a smooth PC performance is a dire need of any passionate PC enthusiast. A common issue faced by most computer users is overheating. Significantly, the GPU overheats while gaming or running for a little time. This overheating can also result in damage to your potential GPU. For this, it is good to keep the temperature of your graphics card low. You can easily handle the GPU heat issue at your home. Follow the post and if you want to know how to lower GPU temperature. Anyhow, you can find the Best Reviews on competitive motherboards and CPUs as well that suit your GPU, best.

In the Best Tech Review, you can have many more informative guides and reviews on different techs. So follow it if you are interested to learn something useful. However, coming back to the topic, there are specific ways that you can use for sorting out the thermal issues you are facing. We try to talk about every possible method and check what suits you the best.

Methods to Lower the GPU Temperature

Clean the Dust Fan

This alone procedure is the most effective and works among other ways. Dust is the biggest problem of raising the temperature. A film will create on the surface of fans and heatsink, due to which heat doesn’t dissipate precisely. Over time, if you don’t clean the fans, more dust will cover them. Follow the steps mentioned below to clean the graphics card’s fans rightly:

Start with the case: The first step is to open the case and check if there is dust. If yes, then clean it with a neat cloth.

Separate the GPU: To make the cleaning process more effective, it will be good to remove the GPU.

Remove the fans: Now separate the fans from the case to remove the dust effortlessly.

Take a cotton swab and compressed air: There are many uneasy crannies, nooks, and tight spots with fans and GPU. For both of them, use compressed air first to clean them. Use a cotton swab for the complicated parts of both, such as nooks and narrow spots. Clean both of these parts carefully and adequately. Also, you can apply the same technique with the other components wherever you see dust, such as RAM, motherboard, memory, CPU, etc.

Resembled the components: Now resemble the components the way these were before the detachment. Now operate the PC; you immediately spot a significant difference in the heat. Do it every week to prevent your GPU from overheating.

Apply Thermal Paste

Most of the time, the GPU gets overheated due to the dryness of the thermal paste. After a particular time, the GPU’s thermal paste dried out and became inefficient. There, the only thing you should do is replace the thermal paste to lower the temperature of the GPU. Make sure the thermal paste you will use is of good brand and comes in your budget too. Before choosing a paste, you should be aware of the difference between pad, grease, and thermal paste.

Nonetheless, if you’re replacing the thermal paste for the first time, check out the guides on YouTube and google. Without any problem, you get many easy and comprehensive tutorials.

Keep the Airflow Better In the Case

The other reason might be the disruption of airflow inside the case. This happens due to the wrong placement of the fans. So, it would be good to open the case and adjust the number of fans according to their position.

If you place only a few fans, it will not be enough to cool the temperature. In contrast, the hot air efficiently gets out from the case if you install many fans inside the case on the front, back, and top. Hence, overall the temperature of the case will be in control, and no heat issues will occur.

Replace Old Fans

Check if the fans are working fine or not. If you find any fan faulty or damaged, it’s high time to replace it. As discussed above, more fans will keep the temperature cool. If all the slots and fans places are occupied with fans, it serves as an excellent thermal energy solution. Your GPU will never run out while gaming.

Figure Out the Case

Before going with the idea of many fans, experimenting with the “open-case” test will guide you. For this experiment, open the case and allow the GPU to work for about 5 to 10 minutes while gaming. Now, do the same with the closed case. See the examine the difference between both situations. If there are significant differences, then consider fans with more fans. However, choosing a mesh-focused design is a straightforward approach.

Not all cases are of the same quality. Even some cases stop front fans by closing off them so the heat could not release quickly. In this case, the mesh-center cases are the best cooling solution.

Install a Water Cooler

If you are a high-end gamer or deal with demanding tasks where you have to overclock the GPU, consider using a water cooler. An ordinary stock cooler and fans can not handle the overclocked GPU. It results in bottlenecks and throttling. On the other hand, the potential GPU and water cooler combination always keep the temperature under 50°.

You can see the tutorials for installing a water cooler. Anyhow, at first, it seems a little complicated, but once you install it, the GPU starts working smoothly. Install a good CPU and NVme for a power pack gaming experience if you can afford more.

Revert to Underclock

Suppose you don’t want to set maximum fans and a water cooler system and continue to go with ordinary fans and stock cooler. In this situation, it will be good if you set the GPU to non-overclock. You can use the MSI Afterburner advance software for GPU underclocking. Without any doubt, it is a straightforward way to do it.

In this way, it not only works efficiently, reduces power consumption, and enhances the lifespan of the GPU. For mediocre users, it is an adequate step to apply.

Update the Drivers

Last but not least, it is also a smart trick that can help you lower the GPU temperatures. In this method, you have to make sure to update the drives. The GPU drives need to continuously fine-tune the settings of the cards according to your needs.

Why is it necessary to decrease GPU temperature?

For enjoying the PC’s stable working, especially while 4K gaming and handling complex video editing, a lower temperature is needed. When you keep the temperature in control, save your system safe from any other damage due to heat.

Nowadays, the graphics card is already incorporated with a good safety feature as it automatically shuts down whenever it gets overheated. Nevertheless, you can’t expect it from every GPU, and every time sometimes this heat damages the PCB entirely. It can also affect any other PC part, so be careful about your GPU temperature.

We have shared different easy ways to provide you with an excellent cooling solution in this guide on how to lower GPU temperature. You can check where your heat problem is coming into the case. According to this problem, use any related procedure, and keep the PC safe.

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