Are you ready to learn how to get free spins and coins on Coin Master? In this detailed guide you will find links to get daily free spins and coins for Coin Master.This list includes all the lists updated ones and some old ones.So, you redeem them even if you had missed them earlier.

Links to Get Daily Free Spins and Coins

31/10/202025 spinsCollect
31/10/202025 spinsCollect
31/10/202010 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
31/10/202025 spinsCollect
31/10/202010 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
30/10/202050 spins, 25 million coinsCollect
30/10/202025 spinsCollect
30/10/202025 spinsCollect
30/10/20202 million coinsCollect
29/10/202025 spinsCollect
29/10/202025 spinsCollect
29/10/20202 million coinsCollect
29/10/202025 spinsCollect
29/10/202025 spinsCollect
29/10/202025 spinsCollect
28/10/202025 spinsCollect
28/10/202025 spinsCollect
28/10/202010 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
28/10/202025 spinsCollect
27/10/20202 million coinsCollect
27/10/202025 spinsCollect
27/10/202010 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
27/10/202010 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
27/10/20202 million coinsCollect
27/10/202010 spins, 1 million coinsCollect

Other ways to get free spins and coins

If you have already redeemed above links then you can apply these to get free spins and coins!

You can Gift each other

You and your friends can gift free spins and coins daily.In this way you wont lose your personal spins.You can receive and send 100 spins in total.

Invite your Facebook Friends

You will get 40 spins free for inviting each friend on facebook.In order for you to get free spins your friends must accept the invite, download the game and login to his facebook account.Its a huge opportunity to get free spins if you have a lot of friends on facebook

Last but not least

You will get 5 spins for every hour that you play totaling upto 50 free spins.You will have to wait ten hours to get all the possible spins.

What is Coin Master?

Casual games on mobile devices are getting very popular as you might already know that Candy Crush is the fourth most downloaded application on mobile phones. If you are the one who likes to play games on mobile devices, I'm sure you might already know or heard about Coin Master once. If not there, I'm going to give you a brief introduction to this game, how to play, and what are the reasons behind its popularity. 

Coin Master is a single-player casual mobile game developed by an Israeli game development studio, Moon Active. When you look at the top downloaded applications of 2019 on Apple Apps Store there, you will most probably see this game. As per the company's report, this game got more than 80 million downloads in October 2019 on Apps Store after some social media applications. 

The developers of this game say that most game users are from the United Kingdom, while the second country where this game is played the most is Germany. These countries give most of the downloads to this game while the rest of the users come worldwide. There some users might be wondering what makes this game so special and why users download it, hold your horses; we will tell you that. 

You might not have heard about this game before, but I'm mentioning that this game is about a decade old. Of course, it was not that popular at the time of release, but the company again released this game trailer. With that, Coin Master got the attention of users and got many shares and likes on the social media platform, and I think it's because of the unique gameplay. 


Main Objective

Every game released for any platform comes with the main objective of progressing the game story. There are some tasks to do in hyper-casual games that you must need to do to complete the level. This game's main objective is to spin the slots, and it uses some gambling mechanics, but you are going to see this game under the "adventure" category in the Apps Store. 

Building the village is another thing you have to do in the game, and the rewards earned from the slots will help you in doing that. Users have to try their luck in the game, and they can spend the rewards in upgrading the building and repairing them. You can do fights with your friends and strangers in this game, and there is a lot to do in this game. 

As the name suggests, you've to win the coins, and then you can spend those coins to build your village, which makes this game unique. There are villages of your friends in this game that you can attack or raid, and if your village is better, you can get over their villages in the game. That's what makes this game unique and special than other casual games released for mobile devices. 

Every fight you do with others in the game will give you some money and spins which you can use to upgrade the village. As we can get from its name, it's Coin Master, so this game's main objective is based on coins, and all you have to do is collect them to progress the game. The more spins you will get in the game will give you more coins. 

While doing the fighting, you also need to protect your village from other attackers, and there is a very frequently asked question about how to protect our villager from attackers. There are a couple of ways to do that from which the very common way is to buy the shields which will protect your village from other attackers. The other method is to hatch a rhino egg, which will protect the village once the shields get broken. 

This game fully depends upon the luck as from a slot game to fight with other villagers; it depends upon your luck that what award you are getting or you are winning or losing in the fight. There are five shields for each of the buildings in this game and a rhino pet which you can use to defend your village. When other players attack you in the game, you are also allowed to counterattack on them with the revenge option, and if your village is strong and your luck is going well, you can easily destroy their village. 


Upgrades in Village

All of the buildings in this game support different kinds of upgrades, and the higher you upgrade them, the more they can resist the enemy's attacks. Also, there are levels in this game where the player can advance to the next level once his level is completed. Once you passed pr finished a level, the next one will be more difficult to complete, which goes throughout the game. The developers of this game pushed an update in June 2020 with which there are more than 266 levels in this game. 

The upgrading villages give you some stars but believe me; they dont do anything in the game; you can collect them. The stars dont do anything in the game, but you will get some coins to use for the slot machine in the game when you fight with other villages. When all these things combine, it gives a great experience in a casual mobile game, and if you like playing such games, I'm sure you will love this one. 


Play with Friends

You might know that this game is a single-player, but it allows you to do fights and trades with your friends, but you can also do this with strangers if you dont have in-game. One of the great features in online games is the invite bomb, this one also supports invites, and you can invite all of your Facebook friends to this game and play with them.

The card collection is another great feature that most probably you are going to like in this game. Everyone likes gifts, and there are cards in this game that you can collect in the form of sets, and once the set is completed, you can use that card to get some great rewards in the game. Though the card collection needs some effort as it's not easy to get cards and complete their sets, it is a great way to get more spins and coins in the game. 


Cards & Trading

The cards in this game differ from each other as the game's rare cards give you more rewards than the card you can get easily. These cards can unlock more spins, and one of the great and most needed things in the game: the pets. You can also show off your cards to the other players in the game or in the community which is very common in these games. 

The game also supports card trading means if you dont want to open the cards set and looking for some other items, you can easily trade these cards with other players. Now you might be thinking where I can reach other players who are willing to trade cards. There are several online forums and communities which allow you to trade your cards with users who play this game. 



Most of the players dont like to invest their time in these games, and they like to have millions of coins instantly in their accounts. This game also supports microtransactions for these kinds of users, and you can get coins in millions just by spending some real money in-game. This will help the developers of this game and get your coins, but you can easily earn coins in this game if you can't do this. The slot can give you coins in millions if you use it properly. 

There are many things in this game that you can do, like collecting the stars and other things, but that doesn't give you an advantage. Also, you can get them in millions with just some little effort. Though coins can be collected from the slot machine and they also give you coins in a million, but with these coins, you can upgrade your village constructions and the entire village. 


Collecting Coins & Rewards

The collection of coins in this game can be done through the slot machine, but there are other ways to get hundreds or thousands of coins without any effort in the game. There are several websites on the internet that give you daily coin rewards in which the coins range from hundreds to thousands, and you can get those coins by just opening the login link and connecting them with Facebook. Though it's not official by the developers, that's also a way to get coins if you are out of them. 

Another way to get the coins in this game is the daily bonus wheel, which, when the user spins, gives some random amount of coins to the users as it depends upon the luck. Once the user collects these coins, there is a countdown timer that lasts for 24 hours, and after that, the user will again use the spin to get coins again. This is also a great way to get the coins if you dont like to buy them real money. 

Those users who like to buy the spin will get the gold spin, which will give you some of the rare awards in the game which the normal spin doesn't give. Once you buy the golden spin in this game, you will get a message that "The rewards are now 10x better" With it, you will get more interesting rewards. There are some numbers on the wheel, which will tell you what amount of rewards you will get with the spin. 

Along with the rewards, both the daily spin and the golden spin will level up the game and give you some experience. This allows you to get more and more coins without doing much effort in the game. 


Pets - Tiger, Rino, and Foxxy

On the loading screen and at some other places, you may have seen a pig in this game, which is the tour guide of this game, and tells you what's going on in this game. There are few other characters for villages in this game, including the queens, witches, wizards, and warriors. 

There are three main pets in this game, which allow you to defend your village differently while they are Foxy, Rhino, and a Tiger. There are XP potions in this game that you can use to raise your pets, and as they can give you experience points that you can spend on the pets. Another best way to raise your pets in the game is by giving them treats, and you also have to give them treats to make them awake. Otherwise, they will go to sleep after a short period. 

The pets in this game also give effects that give you more pets, and you can make their collection. Use can use multiple treats to the pets, which makes them awake for a long time, and you can better protect your village with these pets. 

Some users might be wondering what will happen if they fully upgrade their village where they will or what they will do next in this game. There are hundreds of villages and levels in this game, and once you finish upgrading one village, you will be promoted to the next one, and this will continue up to hundreds of levels. 

There are a couple of things these pets can do, and I'm going to discuss the work and the abilities of each pet there. I've previously mentioned some brief information about the pets, but each pet does in the game. 



There are many changes in the game that the Rhino will defend your village from the attackers. When the attackers are attacking your village, and you dont have enough shields to protect the village, then Rhino will come and start protecting the village. But there you need to know that the first baby of Rhino will only protect the village from the damage of 10%. So if you have the first egg, dont just totally depend upon the Rhino. 



The Tiger can only be unlocked in this game if you own the Beasts Card Collection, somewhere in rare cards. This pet will help you in getting enough coins when you are attacking some other villages. It will increase the number of coins every time you attack the village but make sure to give it enough treats, so it doesn't go to sleep. If the Tiger is sleeping during the fight, you will not get the additional coins while attacking. 



The first pet that will be unlocked in this game will be Foxxy, as when you reach level 4 in the game, you will get this pet. When you first unlock this pet, you will get the animation of how to feed the pets as there is a pet menu with which you have to feed your pets. This pet's main task is to dig up to the fourth in the fight, which will help you get more coins during fights with some other villages. 


Super Bet

Another great feature in this game is a super bet, which will improve the player experience by rewarding him with more awards and coins during the bet on the slot. For this, you need more spins in the inventory, and the more spins you will get in your inventory, the more awards you can expect while using the slot machine in the game. 

That's all about the game, but I would like to mention that the YouTube channel of Moon Active got more dislikes on their videos than the likes. Even in the comments section, you will see that people criticize this game for different reasons. However, most of the hate comes to this game from the Asian side while this game got very popular in countries like the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom, etc. 


Commercial Carrier of Coin Master

Also, we've noticed that YouTube is taking down this game's ads as most people dont like to see this game's ads on this platform. There you need to know that most of the users who are spreading hate against this game have played it for at least once, and there are chances that they dont like something in it. 

According to different news platforms and game reviewers, this game got great reviews, and it got an award of being in the list of top 20 downloaded applications from the Google Play Store. This game's gross revenue is estimated at $508 million in October 2019, and all of this comes from ads and microtransactions. 

There I would like to mention that most of the revenue this game is generating is from three countries as the company says that 85% of the revenue they are getting is from the UK, US, and Germany. This game made $220 million only from the United States while the United Kingdom's revenue dramatically jumped to $80, and in Germany, it is $52. 

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, this game crossed the Candy Crush Saga gross revenue and stood first in the top gross revenue generated game on the Apple Apps Store and Google Play Store. As per some reports, this game developers have earned over USD 280 million from this game till October 2019. This amount has doubled, and they've made much money alone with this game. 


Sponsors and Promotions

Coin Master is also sponsored by different technology and gambling companies, including 888 Holdings, a casino slot company, and a tech giant Gigi Levy-Weiss. Of course, these sponsors helped the developers a lot, and they've brought some of the major changes to this game, which makes it more interesting to play. 

Moon Active hired different celebrities to promote this game on various platforms from which YouTube is on top. Khloé Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Scott Disick, and Jennifer Lopez promoted this game. Also, the company hired some more personalities and YouTubers to promote their game, and by doing that, they've got great attention from the users to this game.

The UI of this game is very clean and easy to use as it comes with a pig that guides you throughout the game, like how to play it where the things are located but only when you first launch the game. You can use a simple slot machine by just doing a tap on it, and it will roll and give you the results depending on your luck. The village is also very easy to build as all of the things come straight in front of you, and all you have to do is drag and drop the objects.

As I mentioned before that this game was released ten years before, but the developers, instead of releasing new games, are still working on it. They are bringing some major and minor upgrades to this game for better user experience. They have not released any new game in ten years but bought many updates to this one. 

We can expect that they will get some more changes which users hate in this game, and it will also increase its rating and reviews in front of the players. 

This game has won much international best game of the year awards. From a list from, this game stands at 20th position from the top 50 best games of 2019, and undoubtedly that's a great achievement of this kind of mobile game. In 2019 this game got countless nominations and mentions of the best game of the year or top-grossing application on the Apples Apps Store, and that's become the success of this game. 



So I'm concluding that Moon Active has not developed a bunch of games. Instead, the company has only focused on one game for years. They did their best to give the best experience to the users so they can enjoy the game. Coin Master is such a great idea of combining a casino based slot game with a strategy village game, and this is all about the success of this game. 

If you are interested in playing it, you can download it from your mobile store and invite your friends to this game and enjoy it. Those users who dont have friends in this game can also play it with strangers, but it would be much better to play this game with your family or friends. There are villages to capture, many levels, collecting chests cards, and many more things.