Best White Motherboards 2020: Top 5 Reviewed

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Best White Motherboards

The majority of people focus on CPUs and GPUs, and they often overlook other equally important components that join the others into a thorough functional unit – yes, that’s a motherboard. You can’t skimp on a motherboard because that will leave you in pieces, and you won’t receive quality functioning at all.

When it comes to white PC builds, there is always a confusion of contrast with the combination of motherboards.

In addition to this, there are both highly expensive and extremely affordable motherboards in the market that offer the same features, but the only difference is their price.

Now, let’s move to the good news; we have created a list of some of the best white motherboards that are not just feature-filled but also priced fairly. This list comprises of the most amazing white motherboards for both Intel and AMD processors that are suitable for the Intel 8th/9th generation CPUs and Ryzen CPUs, respectively.

Top 5 White Motherboards of 2020

MotherboardsChipsetMaximum Capacity 
ASUS Prime Z390-AIntel 2390
64GB Check Price
Asus Prime Z390-P Intel 239064GB Check Price
ASUS Prime X570-ProAMD X570128GB Check Price
NZXT N7 Z390Intel® Z39064GB Check Price

ASUS Prime Z390-A

ASUS Prime Z390-A

When it comes to high-performance Intel Core processors, like the i9700K, i9 9900k, or the i5 9600K, the ASUS Prime series board is great for supporting a good deal of overclocking and installing other components.

The most interesting and unique element of design in this motherboard is that it is featured with white accents on the black PC build. The not being “all-white” con can lead to a lot of disappointment among users who demand a purely white motherboard.

The good news is, there is no need to worry about yourself because it is has everything you want in a high-performance motherboard. If you are willing to accept this motherboard, then you should accept it with full consent, not just because it has white accents.

The ASUS Prime Z390-A motherboard is a good looking, uniquely designed, and the kind of motherboard that will fit your processor effortlessly. Still, if you have a problem with it not being all-white, then you can paint the black areas with white nail-polish or paint to fulfill the pure white motherboard for white PC factor.

Furthermore, it is fixed with heat skins to support the chipset and the M.2 slot is also used for supporting the chipset. The VRM is featured with 6+3 phases and it has two heatsinks that are both white, and the I/O cover is responsible for covering the left part (which is also white) along with the RGB lighting that will match the chipset lighting. In addition to this, you’ll be surprised to know that even the audio section is covered with white shrouds to make the motherboard look whiter. In conclusion, this is where you get the “all-white” effect.

With a Z390-A chipset board, there is no possible need to sacrifice additional features such as multiple GPU configurations, storage upgrade, memory upgrade, overclocking, and nice cooling capacity.

Without any doubts, we title this motherboard to be a great one that has all the features except for the inbuilt wifi one. At the top of the motherboard, there is a MemOk switch used for troubleshooting memory-related issues as well as a power switch that is also useful for troubleshooting.

Furthermore, it is also featured with the RGB header, which can be used to extend the RGB lighting for your LED strips or chassis fans that can be easily synced with the lighting of this motherboard.


ChipsetIntel 2390
CPU SocketLGA 1151
Display1 x DisplayPort 1.2, 1 x HDMI
Ethernet1 x Intel 1219V Gigabit
PS/21 x Combo
Maximum Capacity64 GB
Legacy1 x Serial
LED Header2 x RGB

Quick Description/Summary

The ASUS Prime Z390-A is a powerful motherboard with ultimate performance and features. It has everything you need in the best white motherboard . Unfortunately, it does not come with inbuilt Wi-Fi – that’s a real bummer.

  • RGB lighting
  • Best troubleshooting features
  • Unique design
  • High in performance
  • Supports all overclocking and installation elements
  • No inbuilt Wi-Fi
  • Not all-white

Asus Prime Z390-P

Asus Prime Z390-P

If high-priced, over-the-top features and extra details aren’t your things, then you can opt for something more reasonable, like the ASUS Prime Z390-P. It is clearly amazing and priced fairly. However, this might not be titled to be the “best white motherboard with high-end features,” but it is definitely the one with acceptable features.

It is equipped with almost everything you need to have a good user experience and it is good looking enough to compliment your PC build. In addition to this, it supports mid-range gaming and it has organized detailing on it.

The ASUS Prime Z390-P motherboard has white accents over the back PCB which is a much better design as compared to the Prime Z390-A. On the other hand, the Prime Z390-P does not feature I/O cover for the I/O audio section and ports. Do not let this be a let-down for your enthusiasm to find a reasonably priced motherboard with reasonable features. As you know, what they say, you get what you pay for.

As mentioned above, it is priced right and does not leave a 0 in your wallet. It is ideal for both gaming and professional use.

The VRAM is featured with heatsinks and chipset heatsink that supports 6+3 power levels. In addition to this, it is powered with 2 x PCI- E x 16 slots for graphics cards that do not require SLI but demand two-way AMD CrossfireX.

More on this, it supports 4 x SATA ports and 2 x M.2 ports for storage. However, the number of ports on the Z390-P is less than the number of ports on the Z390-A, but that’s fine because their performances are equally great.

When it comes to cooling, there are 4x fan headers, which include the CPU-fan for RGB and header and a 12V RGB header at the base.

When it comes to buying the ASUS Prime Z390-P, you have a lot of choices to look forward to. You can either buy it online or offline. The best choice to go for is online, as there are a lot of online shops that offer a variety of different products and with great discount offers.

With that being said, Amazon is the best online retail store to shop for almost any product with useful discount offers. Contrary to this, if you want to shop offline (from a hardware store yourself), then do what pleases you.

In conclusion, it is a fine piece of hardware that compliments a white PC build well.


ChipsetIntel 2390
CPU SocketLGA 1151
Display1 x Display Port, 1 x HDMI
Ethernet1 x Realtek RTL81111H Gigabit
Memory Slots4 x 288 – Pin
Maximum Capacity64 GB
Channel ArchitectureDual-Channel
Optane Memory SupportYes

Quick Description/Summary

The ASUS Prime Z390-P is a fairly priced and just-about-right featured motherboard that fits the PC build effortlessly.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Great for mid-range gaming
  • Supports two ports for storage
  • Can be used for creativity
  • Not a “high-performance” motherboard

NZXT N7 Z390

NZXT N7 Z390

You cannot deny the fact that the world of PCs has transformed into a whole new enterprise, and things are easy and less time-taking to produce.

Only an experienced creator can produce a brand new motherboard from a clean sheet of equipment, and is there any example of that? Well, yes, there is. . It doesn’t just complement the PC, but it also adds great performance to it. This white motherboard was designed in California and created in China.

However, there are some important features that are absent from the NZXT N7 Z390, such as the USB 3.1 Gen2 controllers, and it is surprising to notice that because almost every motherboard has these controls.

The boards in the NZXT N7 Z390 are typically dual gigabit Ethernet, and the absence of Gen2 controls leaves a gap in the I/O platform. On the other hand, because of some absent features, the N7 Z390 has avoided resource sharing, which is something really impressive. On the good note, you can use all of the features of the N7 Z390 simultaneously.

The installation kit of the N7 Z390 features four SATA cables, two RGB adapter cables, a single-link SLI Bridge, I/O cover, two magnetic/adhesive lighting strips, nondescript set of threaded hardware, and two RGB adapter cables.

So, if you want to buy this motherboard to compliment your PC build, then you can either get it from an online store or from a hardware shop. If you ask us, the best option would be from Amazon, as it offers a lot of amazing discount deals.


ProcessorLGA 1151
Supported motherboardATX
Brand nameNZXT

Quick Description/Summary

The NZXT N7 Z390 is a solid premiere white motherboard. It is a representation of the pricey nature of fewer sales, but it provides the chance to pay for something that is unique. The design of the N7 Z390 is so unique that it offers support to RGB controls and gives the confidence to users that every on the ship interface can function simultaneously. On the downside, it is priced high.

  • Unique design
  • Nice software
  • Good overclocking
  • Zero conflicts
  • High price
  • Fewer features
  • Less efficient
  • Heavy software

White Motherboards for AMD Processors

At the point when you intend to make something tasteful when you’re assembling another rig without any preparation, it is a wish to receive some shading coordination in return. Furthermore, perhaps the least difficult method for doing so is to go for a white motherboard. This gives you a ton of breathtaking room as far as the shade of different PC components, and you’ll wind up with a form that looks similar in the same class as it works. Having an all-white configuration is a fantasy worked out for some gamers. White is a unique and solid shading and it makes your rig stand apart among an ocean of dark RGB hardware. Gamers who need to build up that sort of rig are must to purchase a white motherboard in the event that they need to keep their arrangements look predictable. Be that as it may, dissimilar to dark RGB motherboards, great white motherboards can be elusive and you may need to make a few bucks and more research. The more frustrating fact, however, is that correct now there are just two or three motherboards that are simply white in shading and that also are for more old school processors from AMD. The majority of the motherboards that are considered as “White” for the most recent gen processors don’t have completely white PCBs but instead, they have a white and dark theme. That is the reason we have chosen to make a top-rundown of the best all-white motherboards for AMD attachments. Look at our up-and-comers beneath!

ASUS Prime X570-Pro

ASUS Prime X570-Pro

If you already have an AMD Ryzen processor, then the AM4 socket motherboard is a must-have. The latest white motherboard with trillion features is the X570-Pro. The best feature of this motherboard is the PCI-E 4.0 slots that offer higher bandwidth.

When we talk about the design of the ASUS Prime X570-Pro, it is featured with white accents on its PCB and white heatsinks on the VRM and chipset. It is the most awaited motherboard under the category of “reasonably priced motherboards.”

Furthermore, this motherboard has an I/O cover that completely shades the left side and features inbuilt RGB lighting along with RGB lighting on its chipset. In addition to this, the X570-Pro motherboard supports three-way AMD CrossfireX and two-way Nvidia SLI.

The board also features the USB 3.2 Type C port for the base of your chassis, which is very fast and offers support to the 128GB of DDR4 memory, and it is clocked to a limit more than 4400MHz. On the other hand, the current best frequency for performance basis is 3600MHz.

When it comes to a variety of different troubleshooting features, the ASUS Prime X570-Pro is not on the top for that category. It offers an onboard power switch and no other troubleshooting options. If you ask us, then this is the only con we can find on the performance and results of this motherboard.

ASUS Prime X570-Pro offers a lot of amazing features to its users, and it is a great source for those who game a lot. It includes a strong VRM supporting 12+12 power phases that give you a chance to overclock your processor up to a reasonable extent. Furthermore, you can use this motherboard for any current Ryzen third-generation processor such as the Ryzen 9 3900X, Ryzen 5 3600, or the Ryzen 7 3700X.

Here’s an amazing fact about the ASUS Prime X570-Pro; it is the only white motherboard that features the X570 chipset and it is priced at the best rate.

When it comes to buying the ASUS Prime X570-Pro, you have a lot of choices to look forward to. You can either buy it online or offline. The best choice to go for is online, as there are a lot of online shops that offer a variety of different products and with great discount offers.

With that being said, Amazon is the best online retail store to shop for almost any product with useful discount offers. Whereas, if you want to shop offline (from a hardware store yourself), then the choice is pretty much yours.


ChipsetAMD X570
CPU SocketAM4
Audio Quality5 x 3.5 mm, 1 x S/PDIF
Memory Slots4 x 288-Pin
Maximum Capacity128 GB
Channel ArchitectureDual-Channel
RAID SupportRAID 0, 1, 10

Quick Description/Summary

The ASUS Prime X570-Pro is the best power-performance motherboard that delivers optimized overclocking and amazing cooling abilities. The only drawback to this  motherboard is that it does not offer a lot of troubleshooting features.

  • Reasonable price
  • Compatible with Ryzen processors
  • Nice overclocking features
  • Best I/O cover
  • High in performance
  • Less troubleshooting options



MSI designs some of the most popular motherboards and the company offers a lot of variety in this category. Now, MSI H310M GAMING ARCTIC, as the name suggests, is based on the H310 chipset, accommodating Intel 8th and 9th generation processors. With the H310 chipset, you don’t get all those bells and whistles you would deem necessary for a high-end rig; however, it brings great news for budget gamers since this motherboard is considerably cheaper than its higher-end siblings.

The most noticeable difference between this chipset and the expensive ones is the overclocking support, which means that you won’t be able to overclock your processor with this motherboard, even if you own a K-series (Unlocked Multiplier) Intel processor. Apart from that, you get only two RAM slots, limiting the maximum RAM capacity to 32 GB. There are some other differences too, like the absence of Intel Optane Memory Support, Intel RST technology, the maximum number of USB 3.1 ports, etc, however, most of the users don’t get affected with that, especially the budget gamers, whose major interest is in greater price to performance ratio.

Now, as for the design of MSI H310M GAMING ARCTIC is concerned, we must say, the motherboard looks simply amazing; how cool the overall color is, the MSI branding on the heatsink, and white-colored slots. The motherboard does support MSI MYSTIC LIGHT Sync, however, the controller on the motherboard only allows red lighting, which is a bit of disappointment for fans of RGB lighting. The build quality of the motherboard is pretty impressive, as expected of MSI, where you get PCIe Steel Armor technology, which is used for the reinforcement of PCIe slot. The RAM slots, although, are not reinforced, as you would see in the Z-series motherboard from MSI.

Now, as for the specifications are concerned, you get two RAM slots, one reinforced PCIe x16 slot, two PCIe X1 slots, one M.2 slot for ultra-fast SSD devices, and four SATA-III ports. As for the I/O, you get two USB 3.1 Gen1 ports, four USB 2.0 ports, a Gigabit LAN port, three 3.5 mm audio jacks, an HDMI port, a Dual-Link DVI-D port, and a PS/2 port. These specifications seem quite enough for budget gamers, as such users won’t be saturating the memory or storage capacity of this motherboard.

Now, coming to the components of the motherboard, you get 4+2 phase VRM, which seems more than enough, as there is no overclocking support, although the VRM components are somewhat prone to excess heat due to the absence of heat-sinks if you would be using high-TDP processors.

The BIOS of the motherboard looks UI-friendly and you are presented with many self-explaining options. One thing to note here is that this motherboard was originally designed for 8th generation Intel processors, which is why if you want to use the 9th generation processor, you will have to flash the BIOS of the motherboard by using an 8th generation processor.


RAM SupportDDR4
RAM Slots2
RAM SpeedUp to 2666 MHz
RAM CapacityUp to 32 GB
PCIe Slots1 x PCIe x 16 – 2 x PCIe x 1
Storage Connectors1 x M.2 – 4 x SATA III

Quick Description/Summary

Conclusively, the processing capabilities of MSI H310M GAMING ARCTIC are sufficient for budget gamers and it provides impressive build quality and top-notch aesthetics, however, enthusiast users should look at other options due to limitations of the H310 chipset.

  • Low price point
  • Amazing aesthetics
  • Fairly impressive build quality
  • No support for RGB lighting
  • Does not support overclocking


It can be a bit difficult to own a white gaming PC build, mostly because you aren’t always able to find every component of the color “white.” However, there are some components that you can easily find in the color white, such as Graphics card, Memory, chassis, etc. But, it is difficult to find a good white motherboard with a good chipset.

Surely, there are plenty of white motherboards available for older generation AMD and Intel processors but they are not included in our list of top five best white motherboards because you don’t need to buy them, as they are for older CPUs.

We agree it can be tough to make a decision from our top five white motherboards as they are all equally awesome. But, you can make the right decision by keeping your budget in mind. Still, if you can spend extra bucks, then be our guest.

If you want to know which the best white motherboard is, then according to us, the best white motherboard for white PC builds the MSI H310M GAMING ARCTIC. This product is not only structured perfectly, but it is also designed to meet the needs of a processor accurately, and not to mention, it’s white.

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