5 Best Graphics Cards For Ryzen 5 2600 & 2600X



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GPU name GP104
GPU variant GP104-300-A1
Architecture Pascal
Transistors 7,200 million
Bus interface PCI-E 3.0 x 16

You always have a ton of options in the hardware market when it comes to high-end gaming gear, but it takes a real gamer to know that a graphics card is the most important component of enhanced gaming. With that being said, NVIDIA is a very popular name in the gaming industry as it has produced a lot of remarkable gaming gear.

Enough chit chat let’s move to our last graphics card compatible for the Ryzen 5 2600/2600x – the NVIDIA GTX 1070 Ti. This graphics card is indeed one of the best cards that deliver high performance and amazing gaming outcomes.

The 1070 Ti is a spatter version of its predecessor, or any other graphics card ever since NVIDIA first introduced the Founders Edition redesign. We are not complaining because the prismatic GPU structure of NVIDIA is still fresh, looking in the GTX 1070 Ti.

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Other than aesthetics, NVIDIA has modified some elements under the hood. This GPU uses the same 5-phase dual-FET power cord as in the GeForce GTX 1080, and that’s what makes the TDP of this GPU to 180 watts. In addition to this, the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti also includes an enhanced copper vapor chamber that keeps the internal elements cool while overclocking.

Furthermore, the 1070 Ti delivers a better performance ratio than the GTX 1070.

With awesome overclocking, there is a possibility of high energy draw. The GTX 1070 Ti is just as hungry for power as the GTX 1089, and in some cases, the power absorption is even more.

Despite all that, the 1070 Ti is one of the best graphics cards for Ryzen 5 2600/2600x and delivers high-end gaming results.


The NVIDIA GTX 1070 Ti delivers an amazing performance ratio, which is similar to the NVIDIA GTX 1080 at a very reasonable price.

  • Faster than the GTX 1070
  • Better overclocking
  • Pascal is the best architecture
  • Expert 1440p gaming
  • Expensive
  • High energy draw
  • Heats up quickly

Gigabyte GTX 1660 Ti OC 6GB

Gigabyte GTX 1660 Ti OC 6GB
Architecture Turing (TU116)
CUDA Cores 1536
Peak FP32 Compute 5.7 TFLOPS
Tensor Cores N/A
RT Cores N/A

One of the latest and impressive mid-range GPUs is the GTX 1660 Ti OC 6GB from NVIDIA. It is a powerful graphics card that can compete with the GTX 1060 AND RX 590.

On the other hand, the GTX 1660 Ti OC is a bit low on VRAM, which is 6GB, lower than in the RX 590 but it still delivers faster performance in gaming and includes more fps. In addition to this, it is one of the best graphics cards for Ryzen 5 2600/2600x.

It features a boost clock of 1800MHz and a core clock of 1770MHz because it is factory overclocked, and that’s a bonus. You can bring it above 1800MHz with a nice cooling of your chassis, and the performance will remain stable if the cooling remains still and adequate.

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If you combine this graphics card with the Ryzen processors, then the AAA tittles will offer smooth running. If you ask us, then the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti OC 6GB is the best combination to go with the Ryzen 5 2600 and 2600x.

With that being said, any game you choose will run at 60 + fps at 1080 ultra settings, and for eSports games, you can be able to get higher settings easily.

Here’s an important fact about the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti OC 6GB, it is built on the Turing architecture because it is more power equipped and offers remarkable performance. However, do not have any hopes for Ray tracing in these graphics cards, as that kind of technology only appears in the RTX cards.


The GeForce 1660 Ti OC 6GB is a flagship implementation of Gigabyte. It features an incredibly high power limit, RGB lighting, and an overbuilt cooling device. Its price is the main component that puts it in an argument with other contemporary graphics cards.

  • Runs smoothly
  • No noise
  • Great thermal solution for a 120W GPU
  • 200W power delivery
  • Remarkable performance at 1920 x 1080
  • Powerful GPU frequency
  • WindForce Cooler
  • Factory overclocked
  • Comparatively slow
  • Plastic backplate
  • Low lighting
  • Zero NVlink SLI

MSI Gaming RTX 2060 Ventus 6GB

MSI Gaming RTX 2060 Ventus 6GB
Architecture Turing – TU106
Process 12nm FNN
SMs 30
CUDA Cores 1920
Tensor Cores 240

When it comes to high-end gaming packed in a small card, the MSI Gaming RTX 2060 Ventus 6GB model is everything. The RTX 2060 Ventus 6GB is a successor to the 1060 6GB model and an even faster graphics card than the GTX 1660 Ti.

In addition to this, it does include ray tracing, and that increases the performance ratio up to 15%, but it is not highly recommended that you switch the RTX on because it will immediately absorb the fps. On the other hand, there is a DLSS feature included in the RTX 2060 Ventus 6GB which will enhance the performance to a better extent.

Furthermore, thanks to the boost clock of 1710 MHz, you can have high expectations with high-end gaming. The VRAM is of 6 GB, which is even faster than the DDDR5X and the DDDR5 and includes 14Gbps of intensity.

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Also, you’d love to know that the RTX 2060 Ventus 6GB is a monster for both 1440p and 1080p, but do not expect every game to max out at 1440p but you can play a game with 1440p resolution with the help of some tweaking tactics in the settings.

Without a doubt, this graphics card is one of the best graphics cards suitable for Ryzen processors. Sadly, there are some drawbacks to the RTX 2060 Ventus 6GB, as its backplate is made of plastic and not of metal.

In addition to this, it does not feature a VirtualLink port, which is a real bummer. Despite all that, it will still deliver a butt-load of performance during games. In conclusion, this is the second-best graphics card match for the Ryzen 5 2600 and 2600x.


The MSI Gaming RTX 2060 Ventus 6GB delivers ideal 1440p and 1080p gaming performance, but it does not include the VirtualLink port, and it is pricier than the GeForce RTX 2060 Founders Edition.

  • Noiseless cooling
  • Excellent performance
  • Can be overclocked
  • High-resolution gaming
  • Compatible with Ryzen processors
  • Backplate is made of plastic
  • Zero VirtualLink port

EVGA RTX 2070 Black Gaming

EVGA RTX 2070 Black Gaming
Model EVGA
Interface PCI-E Express 3.0
Chipset series NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 series
Cuda cores 2304
Memory size 8 GB

The second last graphics card compatible with the Ryzen 5 2600, and the 2600x is the EVGA RTX 2070 black gaming card. However, if you have any other Ryzen processor like the 2700X, then you can use the RTX 2070 graphics card for that one as well, or basically any other Intel processor with i7 9700K.

Still, if you want a processor that will fit the RTX 2070’s demands, then the Ryzen 2600/2600x is the one and it will not bottleneck the performance.

When it comes to memory capacity, the RTX 2070 is equipped with 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM which is higher than the memory of the RTX 2060 and it is one of the best cards for 1440p resolution.

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On the other hand, it is important for you not to use it on a 1080p screen because that is a total waste of time and money. Regardless of that, the RTX 2070 is one of the best graphics cards suitable for any kind of gaming.

When you combine this graphics card with our Ryzen processors, you can receive 60+ fps on a 1440 screen. You can get even more if you choose to overclock both the processor and the GPU, but the results are dependent on the type of CPU Cooler you use for the Ryzen processors.

The EVGA RTX 2070 Black gaming graphics card features 2304 Cuda cores and a boost clock of 1620 MHz. In addition to this, the RTX 2070 is better at ray tracing than the RTX 2060. Also, this graphics card is equipped with 5 I/O in which 1 are DP ports and the rest are HDMI, this means you can connect more than four monitors simultaneously.


The EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 Black graphics card is equipped with the kind of speed that is ideal for gaming, plus it delivers a nice value than other factory overclocked cards. In addition to this, it can be combined with the Ryzen processors.

  • Better performance
  • Better price
  • Overclocks well
  • Not faster than the GTX 1080
  • No additional lighting

PowerColor Red Devil AMD Radeon RX590 8GB

PowerColor Red Devil AMD Radeon RX590 8GB
GPU Name Polaris 30
Generation Polaris (RX 500)
Architecture GCN 4.0
Transistors 5,700 million
Base Clock 1469 MHz

AMD has been in the market for a very long time, and AMD’s RX lineup of mid-range graphics cards has received quite a handful of positive feedback. With that being said, one of the currently fastest and best mid-end graphics cards from AMD is the RX590 8GB which is an enhanced version of the RX 580 with extra features and performance equipped.

As the name says it all, the RX590 8GB features 8 GB worth of VRAM, which is the ideal amount of memory a game demands to deliver an ultimate resolution. However, the RX590 8GB is designed to support 1080p Ultra settings, and some games may not go higher than 60fps but most games run in this much performance.PowerColor Red Devil AMD Radeon RX590 8GB is the best GPU to pair with Ryzen 5 2600.

When it comes to extra features and performance boosters that make this graphics card better than others, it is even faster than the GTX 1060 6GB and it is pretty much the best graphics card priced under $250.

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In addition to this, the PowerColor Red Devil RX590 8GB has the most aesthetic design and is internal components’ arrangement is efficient in cooling because the heatsink includes an aluminum heatsink with copper heat pipes attached. The black cover is equipped with red inflections and that’s what makes the whole graphics card look sleek.

Unfortunately, the major drawback of the RX590 8GB is that it takes away too much power as compared to other NVIDIA cards. It demands 6 + 8 pin power ports and a reliable power supply.

Despite that, it features a boost clock of 1576 MHz and a core clock of 1545 MHz which you can easily increase from the MSI afterburner. When it comes to the display, it includes a 1 x DVI-D, 3x Display and 1x HDMI ports which is a useful feature if you want to connect more than two monitors simultaneously.


For a little over $200, the PowerColor Red Devil AMD Radeon RX590 8GB offers plenty of mass appeals. It is a great choice for all the AMD lovers out there, and it is one of the fastest GPUs available in the market. Unfortunately, it is priced a bit high.

  • Fastest GPU
  • Better than an RX 580
  • Better overclocking
  • Compatible with Ryzen 5 2600/2600x
  • Expensive