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Best External GPUs

In this modern world of gaming, you can find any hardware to better your gaming experiences. Gaming is ideally done on PCs but, do you know how much stress that puts your PC in? This is the main reason why you to get an external graphics card for your PC.

Unfortunately, it is quite challenging to find the best external graphics card. You might have tried it a couple of times but still ended up with luck, but now that you’re here, you can redeem yourself with our top ten best external GPUs for 2020.

The gaming industry is filled with a lot of famous names, and it is difficult to get your hands on a reliable piece of hardware. Without a doubt, high-end gaming experiences have finally come to life, all because of external graphics cards.

The primary purpose of a graphics card is to provide excessive power to your PC and let you play advance and big games without any interruption. With so many amazing external graphics cards available in the world of hardware, it is hard to set your mind straight on one particular product. But, thanks to us, your primary problem is solved.

To help you get the best external GPU, we reviewed and compiled some of the most famous models and ranked them according to their abilities and features. Our top ten picks are based on modern-day gamers’ requirements.

Don’t worry; we won’t bore you with excessive details, we’ll review our top 10 best external GPUs for 2020 with product descriptions, specifications, pros and cons, and a quick summary of each product. So, fasten your seat belts because it’s going to be a good ride. Let’s take a look at our top ten GPU picks.

10 External GPUs of 2020

Gigabyte AORUS Gaming Box Check Price
Alienware Graphics Amplifier Check Price
Akitio Node Check Price
ASUS RoG XG Station 2 Check Price
ASUS XG Station PRO Check Price
Razer Core X Check Price
Razer Core V2 Check Price
Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box 350W Check Price
AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box Check Price
Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box 550W Check Price

1.Gigabyte AORUS Gaming Box

Gigabyte AORUS Gaming Box

Gigabyte is a top-rated company that provides computer hardware with so many features. When it comes to the AORUS gaming box, it is an external GPU casing that is filled with Gigabyte’s famous Mini ITX edition of the GeForce GTX 1070. It is a beautifully designed metal casing with a transparent web displaying the face of the graphics card and further highlighting it with LED lighting.

As this external graphics card is shipped with Gigabyte GTX 1070 Mini ITX, it has all the fantastic features. On the other hand, this graphics card has limited overclocking abilities because of its compact cooler and tiny size, and the system gets loud when under a lot of loads. Despite that, it is still a reliable external GPU that can deal with both VR and 4K gaming.

When it comes to its design, there is not much to explain – the exterior is neat and minimal, but the RBG LED lighting on the face of the graphics card illuminates its quality and offers that perfect gaming feel. If you want to control the lighting, you can use the Gigabyte’s AuraSync application, which lets you control and customize the light the way you want. Other than that, the RGB effects can offer static, breathing, color cycling, and flash abilities.

When we discuss its connectivity, there is no problem here. The case is featured with a Thunderbolt 3.0 port, which helps to interface with the PC or a laptop, while the GPU is equipped with an HDMI 2.0 port, two Dual Link DVI-D ports, and a single DisplayPort 1.4.

Other than these fantastic basics, Gigabyte has enhanced the case one step farther, and it offers four USB ports, one is a charging port, and the rest of the three are standard USB ports.

Another great thing about this external GPU is that it is very lightweight, and has a tiny frame, which makes it one of the best and most portable external GPUs available in the entire market.


Graphics Card InterfacePCI-E
Graphics CoprocessorNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
Graphics RAM Size8 GB
Graphics RAM TypeGDDR5
Hardware InterfacePCIe x 1
Dimensions6.38 x 3.78 x 8.35 inch
Memory256 bits
Clock Speed8,008 MHz


In conclusion, the Gigabyte Aorus Gaming box is the real deal. It is not highly expensive and comes with a high-quality GPU that can handle the 2160p level of gaming, and not mention, VR and 4K. In addition to that, there are some well-designed USB ports, and it comes with a carrying bag that adds more flair to the Gaming Box and a durable external GPU.

  • USB hub
  • Best quality GPU included
  • Portable
  • Fewer upgrade features

2.Alienware Graphics Amplifier

Alienware Graphics Amplifier

Alienware became an independent company in 1996, but it only reached recognition when Dell bought it in 2006. For so many reasons, Alienware became expensive gaming hardware, so it is common to see external graphics ideas from them.

The Alienware Graphics Amplifier is known to be a wonderfully designed GPU casing that works only with Alienware hardware, with the manufacturer’s proprietary docks instead of the commonly used Thunderbolt 3 for connection purposes. The primary purpose of developing this remarkable external GPU case was to contain a fully-powered graphics card, so you cannot add this external GPU in the list of portable ones.

The exterior of this product is black and made of plastic with a powerfully detailed face and a well-designed Alienware logo, and that’s what makes the Alienware Graphics Amplifier a well-recognized Alienware hardware. As mentioned in the beginning, it is cumbersome and contains a footprint, but that’s not much of an issue when you think about the fact that the product wasn’t supposed to be made portable.

However, you can’t expect the case to be shipped with a graphics card, but you can expect Alienware to support a powerful graphics card that is as amazing as the Radeon HD 5000 and the GTX 600 series. Other than that, the 460-watt system can handle graphics cards with TDP of 375W.

Fantastic news about this graphics card is that it is equipped with four important USB ports that make it easy to connect or charge anything piece of equipment.

On the other hand, when we come to the downsides of this product, there are some particularly terrible problems with this external GPU case because it has limited use, and its size is not easy to handle. So, if you don’t mind the size and you have an aforementioned Alienware hardware that contains a proprietary connector, you can make it work.

Also, this is an affordable external GPU, and it is feature-filled. So, what’s not to like about it? If we ignore its size, we can make good use of it.


Graphics card interfacePCI-E
Graphics CoprocessorGeForce GTX
Dimensions16.1 x 7.3 x 6.8 inch
DesignAlienware Graphics Amplifier


As a final verdict, the Alienware Graphics Amplifier is the ideal option for Alienware laptops. It not only kicks your gaming laptop but also increases your experiences. However, the only drawback to this product is that it is only limited to certain Alienware laptops, but it is a cheap product – so that’s a plus.

  • Easy to enhance
  • Affordable
  • Can handle many types of GPUs
  • Four USB ports
  • Not compatible with all Alienware laptops
  • Not so portable

3.Akitio Node

Akitio Node

Akitio is a trendy name in the whole hardware industry. It is known to be an international company located in California, which particularly deals in external expansions chassis and storage solutions. They use unique and historic designs to interpret their abilities. Every Akitio product is based on durability, reliability, and excessive features. Other than that, it has a pretty sweet exterior design, which you will get to notice once you hold the product.

Now, let’s move onto our product – The Akitio Node. It is an adaptable and spacious GPU case. However, from the looks, it seems like a reminiscent fully-packed small ITX computer case, more than any other reviewed product in this entire list. But, that leads you with both disadvantages and advantages.

We can’t praise the design enough; it is equipped with a general and simple looking design, entirely built from sheet metal. When it comes to its weight, it is quite heavy, and it doesn’t even come with a graphics card, which is a huge bummer.

On the good side, you can receive a large amount of everything with the 400W supply, and the ample interior will leave you in shock. If the size is not an issue, then this graphics card is the best one for you.

When we talk about GPU compatibility, the system supports both Radeon and Nvidia GPUs, including the GTX 900 series, and Radeon RX and R9 cards. What’s more, the system also supports Nvidia Quadro GPUs.

From the connectivity point of view, Akitio Nade is fantastic. As it is huge and bulky, it cannot be carried around quickly, and the Akitio developers were aware of that, which is why they added the handle on the upper back of the case. The handle makes it easier for you to carry it wherever you want.


HardwarePC, laptop
Weight15.2 pounds
Dimensions22 x 10 x 15 inches
Voltage12 volts


In the final verdict, we can conclude that the Akito Node is a great product. The major advantage we receive from it is that its size is very compact. It can contain any GPU, but that still doesn’t make it the most portable eGPU in this entire list of ten best external GPUs. Other than that, it is a bit expensive, and if you want an external GPU that is suitable for home use, then selecting the Node would be your best option.

  • Has the ability to handle any GPU size
  • The carry handle is useful for portabilityCons
  • Bulky
  • Large
  • Zero USB ports
  • Expensive

4.ASUS RoG XG Station 2

ASUS RoG XG Station 2

ASUS is a top-rated company, and it doesn’t even need any introduction. ASUS is a Taiwanese monster that has spread all of its hardware components into the world for a couple of years, and also when the Republic of Gamers was unleashed. We can judge from the name, all of its hardware is related to gaming purposes.

One of the most popular ASUS products in the complete RoG lineup is titled as the RoG XG Station 2. Its design is very intriguing, and it belongs to the legacy of RoG products and works best on external GPU casings. But, how can you expect this piece of hardware to be of use to you in practical terms?

As discussed above, the ASUS RoG XG Station 2 reflects a very aggressive design: replete, angular with thorough details, and it is also equipped with LED RGB lighting. However, the price tag can leave you under a lot of emotions, but it doesn’t come with a GPU, but there are other versions of ASUS that do have.

When it comes to its size, it can support large-sized graphics cards, and we can compare it with the GTX 900 series, and also models of the new generations. Other than that, it is equipped with a lot of fans that keep the system fresh.

When we talk about connectivity purposes, this model takes it to a whole new level. It is installed with the Thunderbolt 3 port, and also has four USB ports, with Ethernet and Type B ports. Needless to say, it is an expensive piece of equipment, so you have to be careful with your needs.


Graphics CoprocessorGeForce GTX
Ram Size1
Dimensions6.2 x 10.9 x 18 inches
Weight8.56 pounds


When it comes to the looks, the ASUS RoG XG Station 2 is great, at least for those who love philosophically designed products. On the other hand, it does not reflect anything big or complicated compared to other external GPUs that are cheaper than this. On the serious note, this product will only appeal to those who love exotic designs and care a lot for appearances, or for those who can afford it.

  • Best RGB design
  • Large interior
  • Very expensive
  • Not so Portable

5.ASUS XG Station PRO


If you are not satisfied by the XG Station 2, let it be because of its design and price, then no worries. You can go with the ASUS XG Station Pro. The name might sound a bit intimidating because it is a more advanced version of the previous. Also, it is a bit cheaper than the previous model.

You might get a little sad once you find out that this product is not RoG, which makes it clean and highly designed. Instead of creating aggressive and intricate patterns, the sweet aluminum chassis has a separate fan base and can aesthetically appeal to anyone.

As mentioned above, the XG isn’t just special because of its excellent design; it is also more reminiscent as compared to other models. However, it is not that spacious because it is not a RoG product. Still, it is capable of handling a large-sized graphics card.

Like the other one, this model also doesn’t come with a pre-included graphics card, but it is compatible with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 900 series and some of the new RTX GPUs, some Radeon and Quadro GPUs.

When it comes to connectivity options, everything is straightforward and excellent. This external GPU is equipped with only one USB 3.1 Gen2 deck and the typical Thunderbolt 3 deck.

As it is constructed from aluminum, you can expect this system to be very lightweight for its size. It is also a great system when it comes to portability. However, there are some drawbacks to this product as well; it is cheaper than the former, but it can still be pricey for some users.

Despite all that, it is a great external GPU, and it tends to enhance all of your gaming experiences.


Operating SystemMac Os
Weight6.5 pounds
Dimensions14.8 x 8.07 x 4.21 inches
ColorSpace grey


The attractive points of this external GPU are: Best design and it is lightweight. It has an aluminum chassis, which is the main reason why it is so compact and amazing looking. Other than that, it has a very spacious interior. So, if your demand is sleek and easy to carry external GPU case, then this one is the perfect one for you. Not only is it worth the money, but it is also a wonderful addition to your gaming system. Also, if you use a MacBook, the aluminum construction can enhance your laptop’s structure.

  • Lightweight
  • Awesomely designed aluminum chassis
  • Way too much expensive

6.Razer Core X

Razer Core X

Now, let’s move onto another term that every gamer is familiar with, Razer. Razer is a well-developed company famous for its amazing and highly expensive gaming hardware.

When it comes to the Razer Core X, it is a product that has it all and can leave you with fantastic gaming experience.

You might not consider this product as a Razer product when you first take a look at it, but it has elegant exterior design and has no RGB appeal. It has a very spacious interior and can handle triple-width graphics cards, which is an excellent option if you want a dense model. Other than that, the 650- watt supply can help you play the most massive games with maximum resolution.

Furthermore, the Razer Core X supports the Razer Blade Stealth, Razer Blade Pro Laptops, and Razer blade, and it is still suitable for every Thunderbolt 3 laptop that tends to handle all kinds of graphics cards. When we talk about the graphics cards, they are compatible with Quadrio, Radeon, and GeForce cards.

When it comes to connectivity, the Razer Core X is ideal for making things quick and straightforward. Other than that, this model is similar to Akitio Node, which has one thunderbolt port and does not have any other ports. Sadly, this can be a turn-down.

The only drawback to this model is that it is not much portable, and it is quite heavy and spacious. Not having enough USB ports can lead to a lot of problems for gamers. But, on the good side, it is not that expensive as compared to other Razer products with the same caliber.


Operating SystemWindows 10
Weight14.29 pounds
Dimension9.1 x 14.7 x 6.6 inches


On the serious note, the Razer Core X is a precious external graphics card because it supports a large variety of GPUs, and it is much cheaper as compared to other products of similar caliber. Sadly, it does not have any USB ports, but if you only desire a case that is fully-sized that you won’t be able to get tired of, then the Razer Core X is what you need.

  • Can handle almost all kinds of GPUs
  • Can contain tripe-width cards as well
  • Reasonably priced
  • Neutral and clean exterior structure
  • A bit expensive for some
  • Not very portable
  • No additional ports

7.Razer Core V2

Razer Core V2

Currently, Razer only sells two basic external GPU cases; the Razer Core X and, lastly, the Razer Core V2. However, this product is similar to the Razer Core X but only when it comes to weight and dimensions. On the good side, it does offer a bunch of additional features compared to the last product.

When it comes to the design, the Razer Core V2 is the same as the Razer Core X. On the other hand, there is a similar approach to both of these products, but the Core V2 uses RGB lighting, which is not included in the Core X.

When it comes to its compatibility, everything is similar to the former, because the V2 is built to contain large-sized graphics cards, but triple-width cards are not included.

Other than the Chroma RGB lighting, the Core V2 is equipped with one unique feature that the Core X does not have is the USB port. Name wise, this external GPU case is equipped with four green USB 3.0 decks on the Ethernet, and the backports, and there is the standard Thunderbolt 3 deck as well in it.

In conclusion, we can say that the RAZER Core V2 is somehow similar to the Razer Core X. It is compact and lightweight, but we still can’t include this external GPU as one of the best portable ones of the list. However, there is one significant difference between these two; it is the price. The Razer Core V2 is much expensive than the Razer Core X.

Despite all that, it is a great purchase when you want to enhance your gaming experiences with better hardware and external GPU casings. You can play a lot of amazing games with this product, and it can give you the best experience of all.


Operating SystemWindows 10
Dimensions11.8 x 1.7 x 5.7 inches

Quick Description/Summary

When all the aspects are gathered together, the Razer Core V2 is not an ideal option, but if you are-bent on getting a USB port a LED RGB lighting in your external GPU casing, as these are noticeable only when it offers you with something that the Razer Core X didn’t.

  • Tends to handle a wide variety of GPUs
  • Nice design with RGB LED lighting
  • Quite expensive
  • Not so portable
  • Heavy

 8.Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box 350W

Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box

In this review, we have an external GPU case from a very complicated company called Sonnet that was founded three decades ago, and mainly offers expansion cards, non-essential hardware, and thunderbolt powered products and other computer-related accessories.

Now, let’s move onto our product review, the Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box is not only designed with simple details, but it is also one of the most affordable products in this entire list. Its external GPU enclosure is equipped with different versions that are only different in terms of wattage, and the 350W is considered to be the cheapest one you can get for gaming.

The Breakaway Box is not so remarkable. It is equipped with a neat black exterior and LED lighting with the manufacturer’s logo on the face. When it comes to the interior, it is quite spacious and tends to support a wide variety of graphics cards, although the case is not that large.

When it comes to its compatibility, it can be paired with the Quadro, Radeon and GeForce cards, and the connectivity levels are only restricted to one thunderbolt 3 decks, which is acceptable due to its low price. Still, with all the numbered drawbacks, you can get a better gaming experience than your old external GPU casing.

In conclusion, we can title the eGFX Breakaway Box as a reliable and well-equipped external GPU case. The prices are only high on the 650W and 550W variants.

Moreover, if you want to buy the model, you can easily purchase it from Amazon. Amazon is the best online shopping mall that has everything you need. Other than that, you can find great discount deals on Amazon as well on this external GPU.


Dimensions8.3 x 14.6 x 9.8 inches
Weight7.05 pounds


After gathering all possible details, we can now say that the Sonnet eGFX is considered to be one of the best external GPU cases of all time. However, if you are on a budget, then the 350W model is much reliable and affordable as compared to other external GPU cases in the hardware market. Overall, it is great for gaming. You will not expect yourselves to find a better model than this one, because it simply has it all. 

  • The base version is affordable
  • Simple and clean design
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable with a variety of different GPUs
  • 650W and 550W versions are costly

 9.AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box

AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box

If you want to get yourself the most portable product ever, then the Gigabyte AORUS GTX 1070 is everything in that case. It is also equipped with a Gigabyte Mini-ITX model of the GTX 1070, which is a major deal for this product.

The enclosure is built with a tiny metal box with a transparent mesh on the face of the case with the graphics cards attached. Other than that, it is also equipped with RGB lighting, which you can easily modify with the Gigabyte’s AuraSync application software.

Another thing you would love to know is that this product is the lightest one on this list of external GPUs. It is also packed with a stylish carrying bag, which makes it easy to take the product anywhere you go. Isn’t it odd how this is the only external GPU in this entire that weighs less than 6 pounds? There are a lot of other products that weigh more than that and still offer an element of portability, but why this one?

Now, let’s talk about ports. The case is packed with the standard Thunderbolt 3 and has three other USB ports and one charging USB port. Other than that, the graphics card is equipped with an HDMI port, two DVI-D ports, and a Displayport. With overall judging, the choices of ports we have are quite impressive.

The only drawback to this product is that it is tiny, and there might come some problems related to its portability as well. Here’s another one, the GPU runs very loudly due to its cooler and size.

Contrary to this, if you want to perform some upgrades, then the Mini-ITX GPUs is the perfect fit for a small size like this. Other than its size being a problem, it is also a bit pricey.


Dimensions6.4 x 3.8 x 8.3 inches
Weight4.42 pounds


As mentioned above, the AORUS GTX 1070 is the most portable external GPU case in this entire list of best external GPUs. It is feature-filled and tends to fulfill every user’s requirements. However, for the system is too small, there are some issues with it.

Although portability is a functional element in any product, too much portability can lead to some problems. Despite all that, it is a great product, and you can use it to play all kinds of games under the best resolute.

  • Best high-quality external GPU
  • Portable external GPU
  • Expensive

 10.Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box 550W

Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box 550W

When affordability is the primary option, the Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box is the most affordable option that has varieties of other models to offer with different wattages. You can get the 550 version if you demand power and quality at the same time.

It has an exceptionally designed exterior and contains neat features with the company’s logo on it. Here’s an imaginary part; the company’s logo is lit by LED lighting.

When it comes to the interior, it is quite spacious, and it tends to fit all kinds of GeForce, Radeon, and Quadro graphics cards. Other than having a huge interior, this product still weighs nice.

When we talk about connectivity, it is equipped with a single Thunderbolt 3, and it is perfect for your budget as well.


Dimensions17 x 11.5 x 10.8 inches


The Sonnet eGFX Breakway Box 550 (GPU-550w-TB3) is the best one on this list because it lightweight and can still support large graphics cards. It has a wonderful design of exterior and interior, and you can buy it at a reasonable price as well.

  • The base model is comparatively affordable
  • Simple and clean design
  • Can be used with a variety of GPUs
  • Lightweight
  • The 550W version is costly


Now, it is time to put in the final word for all the reviewed external GPUs.

Do you want to know which product is the best one on our list? Well, it is the Gigabyte AORUS Gaming Box. With its exceptional abilities, there is one flaw to it – it offers limited usage, and it might be impossible to get some future updates on this external GPU, yet this little external GPU knows how to do everything the right way.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 is placed in this case, and it is a VR and 4K ready graphics card that is not going out of trend any time soon. Other than that, some laptops exceed the 1080 resolution point, and this GPU is more than enough for 1080 gaming, but only if you don’t use an external display with it.

Furthermore, when we think of laptops, the thought of mobility comes to our minds. The AORUS gaming box is something different, and it preserves the requirement of mobility in a particularly lovely way. Other cases can beat this one because it is lightweight and more compact than other models of the same caliber.

So, even if the AORUS gaming box doesn’t satisfy your needs, you can always have a pick from the rest of the products we reviewed. Each of our reviewed products excels in amazing abilities and features.

When it comes to buying an external GPU, you need to consider your needs and then make your move. This way, you can end up with something over-the-top cool. Other than that, you should also consider your budget.

We hope that our top 10 Best external GPUs for 2020 satisfied you. We also hope that you end up making the right purchase for your demands. Budget Graphics Cards are a better option if you are looking for a good graphics card for a limited budget.

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