Best Custom PC Builder Websites

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Best Custom PC Builder Websites

We now live in a world where e-gaming is very popular and for a satisfying gaming experience, you got to have a very good PC in order. Most of the pc lovers would know all the perks of putting together your own custom gaming PC. You get to choose the parts as per your need to maximize performance being cost-efficient.

However, you need quite hand-on expertise to actually put the parts together physically. You have to be careful while handling those expensive components. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about all of these aspects because there are companies that build PCs on demand. You can build a gaming pc online through these companies.

Top 8 Custom PC Builder Websites

 WarrantyOfficial Website
Lifetime labor/3-year partsVisit AVADirect
1-3 year (labor and parts)Visit Falcon Northwest
3-year labor/1-year partsVisit CyberPowerPC
3-year (labor and parts)Visit Maingear
3-year labor/1-year partsVisit iBuyPower
3-year labor/1-year partsVisit Digital Storm
Lifetime labor/3-year partsVisit Xidax
3-year labor/2-year partsVisit BLD

In this article, we will give an overview of such companies. A brief introduction to the companies mentioned in the table above is given below.



Founded: 2000

Location: Ohio

AVADirect is a custom PC builder. Being one the best custom PC builders 2019, AVADirect is capable of making any custom PC you want. They offer options such as premium cabling, custom water-cooling loops, out of the factory overclocking, and adding custom automotive point jobs.

AVADirect’s website is very user-friendly and it has a wide range of components to choose from. It limits selection overload by displaying only five most common component options and it hides the rest. This is useful because some components may have a lot of options to choose from. AVADirect limits those to five most common ones.

As far as costs are concerned, AVADirect is one of the lowest priced of the best custom PC builders. AVADirect is relatively less-expensive but, the costs may vary as per the requirements of the buyer.

AVADirect PC Builder

AVADirect gives warranty on their systems between 1-3 years based on the system bought. You can avail of a 3-year warranty for the system that features only a 1-year warranty out of the box for a fee. Besides that, AVADirect PCs also feature lifetime technical support and lifetime labor.

Falcon Northwest

Falcon Northwest

Founded: 1992

Location: Oregon

Falcon Northwest is one of the earliest custom PC builders in the market. They are famous for the unique custom PC cases along with elegant custom paint jobs that you can order.

Falcon Northwest is different from all other custom PC builders because they offer a select few systems, each of which features an exclusive case design from the company. Component selection is also very narrowed down but the quality of the components is high, reviewed, and well worked together.

As far as costs are concerned, Falcon Northwest systems without the paint jobs lie on the upper end of the price table. For the buyers who want a custom paint job from Falcon Northwest can likely get this privilege somewhere close to $1000.

Falcon PC Builder

Falcon Northwest offers a warranty of 1-3 years depending on the product you purchase along with lifetime technical support.



Founded: 1998

Location: California

CyberPowerPC is one of the best custom PC building companies in the market. They are famous because of having the widest selection range of components available with over hundreds of options to choose from. This apparently may create a bit of overload for those which are unfamiliar with PC components. On the other hand, those who have done their fair bit of research regarding PC components will definitely appreciate this feature. This helps to customize your system exactly as per your demand. CyberPowerPC also is one of the best custom laptop builder website.

CyberPowerPC is very competitive among its other custom PC builders in terms of pricing as well. CyberPowerPC offers deals and bundles quite often which makes you think like their running a sale every now and then. They also offer special service offers such as basic overclocking, cable management, and water cooling options. Other than that you will not get an automotive-grade point job from them.

CyberPowerPC Build

CyberPowerPC offers a warranty of 3-years labor for desktops, 1-year parts or for laptops 1-year labor, 1-year parts. All of these systems do come with a lifetime of technical support.



Founded: 2002

Location: New Jersey

Maingear is a well-reputed custom PC builder company. They provide high-performance custom PCs and top-notch customer service.

Maingear, like many of the other top custom PC builders, offers just only a few systems with limited component offerings on its well-designed online system configurator. This is reliable because it ensures that customers get a system with components that work perfectly together. A lot of the Maingear’s systems feature options for out of the box water-cooling and other special custom work.

As far as costs are concerned, Maingear systems are considered as the most costly of the custom PC builders’ lot. GeForce GTX 1050 Ti paired with a Rush Z270 Core i7-7700K costs over $2,000. For a well-equipped version of the system with a Core i9 7900X, 64GB of RAM, a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, and Samsung 960 PRO 1TB expect to pay over $5000. And all this is without including the water-cooling or a custom paint job.

Maingear Custom Build

Maingear systems are warranted for 1-year out of the box with the option to extend to 3-years for a fee. Of course, all of the Maingear systems also feature lifetime technical support and lifetime labor as well.



Founded: 1999

Location: California

iBuyPower is one of the most famous custom PC builders. Their products offer a broad range of desktop PCs and gaming laptops. Other than that, they also sell branded gaming accessories and are well known in the world of e-gaming.

iBuyPower has an Easy Builder tool on its website which guides the less tech-oriented users during the process. They offer a slim selection of the PCs that are best suited for the use of its customers. They also offer extended customization options for the professional customers to equip their PCs with any additional accessories that they want to be bundled also.

iBuyPower Custom PC Builder

iBuyPower gives a standard 3-year labor warranty and a 1-year parts warranty on all of their PCs. They also offer the customer to buy an extended 4-5 year labor warranty if interested. They offer a 2-year or a 3-year parts warranty.

Digital Storm

Digital Storm

Founded: 2002

Location: California

The next company on our list is Digital Storm. They are specialized in building gaming PCs as well as workstations and laptops. They offer a selection of six PCs, out of which, most are mid-towers.

Their procedure of configuration is as follows. First, you select one of the six base builds. After that, you can select preset configurations before customizing the internals to a greater extent. Their customization options are quite limited for their cheaper PCs but they are more flexible for their expensive PCs.

As far as costs are concerned, Digital Storm is very versatile. You can choose from as low as $700 to well above $9000. You can get their PC as per your budget.

Digital Storm Custom PC Builder

The standard warranty by the company on PCs is the usual 3-year labor warranty and a 1-year parts warranty. Though you can get an extended 4/2 or 5/3-year labor plus parts warranty for a fee.


Founded: 2013

Location: South Jordon, Utah

The Xidax is known for their quality custom build PCs and a comprehensive desktop warranty that covers both parts and labor for life.

Unlike CyberPowerPC or iBuyPower offering catalogs, Xidax does not offer a very big system selection to its customers. Xidax’s main focus is on the surety that the builds which they do offer have parts that they ensure will work a lot smoothly together. Since Xidax has a limited catalog, they have a very simple and compact product catalog. This catalog includes X-2, X-4, X-6, X-8, and X-10. In these, the smallest is the least powerful gaming PC and the largest is the most powerful gaming PC.

Xidax Custom PC Builder

Xidax also offers laptops, workstations, and servers as well in addition to gaming laptops.



Founded: 2017

Location: California

The next company on our list is BLD. It may seem that this builder is new in the market, but actually, it is a subsidiary of a larger and mostly known as NZXT. Now NZXT was founded in 2004 and they are famous for their cooling solutions and computer cases even though they expanded exponentially in recent years.

BLD offers a similar parts selection procedure. It offers approximate fps for certain games. Quite like iBuyPower’s process, BLD ensures that you

don’t get overdosed, regardless of whether you are a PC hardware expert or if PC building is not your thing.

BLD PCs are built for a flat $99 fee. They will ship the PC to the buyer within 48 hours of the order being placed.

BLD Custom PC Build

BLD offers a standard warranty of 3-year labor and a 2-year parts warranty.

Final Words

We have explained everything you need to know Best Custom PC Builder Websites. Now it’s up to you, you can choose the one you like.

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